Is that a rainbow sea slug in your tide pool or are you just proud to see me?

“When you have been rock pooling as much as I have been in the last year, you start to get an eye for which rocks are most likely to have something interesting underneath. The last rock I picked up was exactly one of these. It was quite a large, heavy rock, covered in various seaweeds, and once lifted something extremely bright and unusual caught my eye. Having been reading up on nudibranchs a lot recently I knew exactly what the colourful blob in front of me was! The extremely rare Rainbow Sea Slug! Once delicately placed in a pot to view, the beautiful animal unfurled and revealed itself in full technicolour.” “Once everyone had taken some photographs and spent a bit of time watching it, we took this very small, but very hardy, critter back to the pools that it has made its new home. … There are currently no records for this species on the National Biodiversity Network and therefore this should be the first one!”—”Rainbow sea slug found in a rock pool! Since joining The Rock Pool Project as a volunteer on our monthly Beach Days, and most recently as one of our safari guides, I have seen some amazing wildlife. However, this weekend’s discovery was extra special.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Is That a Rainbow Sea Slug in Your Tide Pool or Are You Just Proud to See Me 23may2023