“sex love training”

“Brave, compassionate, and kind, Wonder Woman is one of the most shining role models in all of DC. But Wonder Woman’s earliest adventures were shockingly different from her stories today.” “But it’s the inclusion of the other content in her stories that stands out so strongly. It is incredibly common throughout Wonder Woman’s stories for her to tie up other women, or be tied up herself, whether by her own rope or not. Physical restraint is applauded and even begged for by female characters. There is an entire sequence on Paradise Island where the Amazons bind each other gleefully and pretend to prepare each other to be eaten.” “Over the years it has become common knowledge that Charles Moulton favored many personal philosophies pertaining to dominance and submission, particularly those regarding masculine and feminine ideals of psychosexual freedom. Moulton sought to depict what he called ‘sex love training’ to his readers in an effort to expose them to the ideals of becoming sexually, physically, and emotionally submitted to a loving authority figure. This is apparent throughout his work with Wonder Woman as she and the Amazon’s are constantly wrestling and fighting with one another, exclaiming how they love being restrained by one another.”—”Wonder Woman’s Earliest Comic Book Appearances Were a Problematic Fever Dream. Wonder Woman’s first appearances were filled with incredibly suggestive material that would never be approved today.”

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