The Oracle of DelphAI

The Oracle of DelphAI [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher] by Arturo Martinini.

Martinini the Oracle of DelphAI

“The Oracle of DelphAI contributes new images to the archive of how humans have participated in illustrating various celestial factors. From the seven traditional planets, to the fifteen “Behenian” fixed stars, to the 28 lunar mansions, all the way to the 36 decans, consult the Oracle of DelphAI to witness an implosion of nuance from the field of digital noise. Enter at your own risk.”

“Inspired by the collected aesthetics of medieval and classical paintings, as well as the mysterious pages of ancient compendiums of alchemy and magic, Arturo Martinini worked together with early versions of Midjourney’s neural network to prompt his way into this contribution to the living tradition of astrological magic. The images found within this codex explore the relationship between technology and the occult, with a deep emphasis on the Greek root of the word technology, techne, which simply means making, or doing. The seven traditional planets, the 15 Behenian fixed stars, the 28 lunar mansions and the 36 decans all show up here. These images are meant to be worked with, as ritual altar pieces, devotional sacrifices, or in whatever way befits you. As Martinini says in his preface, ‘The tradition hungers for us to wrestle with it, using our own compulsive and idiosyncratic methods. I hope this collection can serve as one arena to engage that confrontation.'”—Revelore Press

Also, there is Altar Cards of the Oracle of DelphAI.

“86 cards … full colour, 6″x6″ double-sided altar cards

Work directly with the images from the Oracle of DelphAI! A large-format set of altar cards featuring every image inside the codex is now open for reservation.”

Martinini Altar Cards of the Oracle of DelphAI