Tutankhamun’s face in a blender

“This article offers a novel and original facial reconstruction of pharaoh Tutankhamun based on data published in the biomedical and Egyptological literature. The reconstruction adopts the Blender 3D software, running the add-on OrtogOnBlender, which allows for a refined presentation of the soft tissues. The present reconstruction is also compared to other approaches produced in the past.” “Born Tutankhaten (the living image of Aten) in ca. 1325 BC, in the 11th year of the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten, his probable father, succeeding him under the name “Tutankhamun” at the age of 9, until his death approximately a decade later (Hawass & Saleem, 2016). His reign took place during the 18th Dynasty, between the years 1333/1336/1356 BC-1324/1327/1346 BC (Hawass et al., 2010, Hawass & Saleem, 2011, Rühli & Ikram, 2014).” “Because he is a historical figure of great notoriety, Tutankhamun’s facial appearance (Fig. 1) has always been a matter of general interest, even more so because of his possible familial relation to Akhenaten, known for breaking with the old religious and artistic tenets of ancient Egypt, which causes fascination and perplexities on the part of scholars of the subject and the general public, raising hypotheses ranging from the aforementioned syndromes and conditions linked to endogamy, to sensationalist, unscientific extrapolations. Precisely because of this popularity, the pharaoh’s face has been the target of a series of facial approximations using forensic techniques over the last few decades.” “This new facial reconstruction of Tutankhamun adds to the body of Egyptological and anatomical-anthropological literature on the famous pharaoh and can be of help to both fields of research by highlighting the possibility of a new modelling technique based on the use of digitized graphic information.”—”Pharaoh Tutankhamun: a novel 3D digital facial approximation.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Tutankhamun's Face in a Blender 4jun2023 in Process

Hermetic Library Omnium Tutankhamun's Face in a Blender 4jun2023