Pulsation: The Life & Work of Wilhelm Reich — June 24, 2023, online

Pulsation: The Life & Work of Wilhelm Reich with Dan Lowe, from interintellect, June 24, 2023 at 7:00 pm BST

Hermetic Library Calendar Pulsation the Life and Work of Wilhelm Reich 24jun2023 Online

“Join psychotherapist Dan Lowe for an exploration of the life and work of Wilhelm Reich. Reich was the 20th century’s most controversial psychoanalyst – Dan will explore why he was such a “fury on Earth’, why he ran into trouble and hopes to show that profound and exciting insights into therapy, the human condition and life itself remain unexplored in his work.
Dan has been interested in Reich’s work for 25 years, since encountering his ground-breaking fusion of politics and psychoanalysis The Mass Psychology of Fascism at University. Reich was the first to write in this way, with an understanding of the emotional depths subliminated into politics. He was also the first psychoanalyst to incorporate the body, prefiguring the current interest in embodiment. Reich’s approach still has much to teach us as he went further than most digging down into the fundamental question of “What is life?”.

His work on vital energy (Orgone) bought him into conflict with the authorities in the 1950’s. This salon will also look at this work and its potential significance.

This salon will consider the following questions:

Why the body can be so important in therapy?

How might an embodied perspective influence our political ideas?

What we might learn from Reich’s ideas about energy?

How these understandings might map out into other areas – birth and midwifery, education and others. “