Doctor Who, William Blake, and Aleister Crowley walked into a pub on Bloomsday

“‘Lost in the Wake’ written by Lee Ravitz, is the latest part of the audio series The Lost Doctor – which conjures a wholly imaginary other trajectory for Dr. Who, on the premise that the UK theatre maverick Ken Campbell was chosen for the role, rather than the original BBC’s Dr. Who, Sylvester McCoy. An experimental actor, writer and director, Ken Campbell has been described as a ‘one-man dynamo of British theatre.’ He starred in the 1980s sitcom In Sickness and in Health, and an episode of Fawlty Towers, as well as movies like The Tempest, Breaking Glass, Letter to Breznev, A Fish Called Wanda and Creep (2004). He died on August 31st, 2008. The ‘Lost in the Wake’ episode of The Lost Doctor features the characters of James Joyce (played by Roddy McDevitt), William Blake, and Aleister Crowley among others, in what’s been described as a ‘dreamlike’ homage to Joyce’s complicated meisterwerk, Finnegans Wake,. The episode will officially premiere upstairs at The Stags Head, Dublin, on Thursday, June 15th.” “For those unfamiliar with the project, The Lost Doctor imagines the late theatre maverick, Ken Campbell, in the production’s titular role. ‘When Ken died in 2008, … I felt moved to do something in his honour.'” “our premise is: what if Ken WAS the Doctor? Using a combination of original Ken audio and the vocal talents of amongst others Tom Baker, we’re imagining Ken’s ‘lost run’ on the show.”—”New Dr Who audio adventure series set to save Barney Kiernan’s pub. ‘Lost in the Wake’ will make its debut in The Parlour Bar upstairs at The Stags Head on Thursday, June 15th before being played at noon outside Barney Kiernan’s pub for Bloomsday.”

Listen to the episode “LOST IN THE WAKE” from The Lost Doctor.

“The Doctor and Co. take a trip through the dream like landscape of the Matrix, the repository of all past time active thought in order to unearth what the mysterious ‘Client’ is really up to; so far so generic Doctor Who. But they’re joined by James Joyce (from episode 4) and it’s all a riff on the seminal ‘Finnegans Wake’. With endless references to Who, past ‘Lost Doctor’ episodes, strange coincidences, multi lingual puns, an innovative soundtrack, and sheer nonsense, plus ‘guest appearances’ from Charles Fort, Aleister Crowley, the Dadaists, T.H. Huxley, William Burrough’s Captain Clark, Kerry Thornley, the Discordian, William Blake, Phillip K. Dick and Ellen West, and cameos from Nora Barnacle and Ken Campbell’s old Latin master, it’s at once a total tonal experiment and a wild ride, initially released on Bloomsday. Because, why not?

With Tom Baker (no, not that one!) as Ken Campbell as The Doctor; Paula Simms, Luna; Lisa Lovebucket, 24; Roddy McDevitt, James Joyce; Oliver Senton, Charles Fort; Jethro Skinner, Aleister Crowley and Phil K. Dick; Uke Bosse, Grosz; Toni Brooks, Heartfield; Carrie Thompson, Captain Wilhemina Clark; Lee Ravitz, T.H. Huxley and Kerry Thornley; John Constable, William Blake and Francesca Way, Ellen West. Other parts by the cast.

Written by Lee Ravitz, sound engineering and artwork by Andy Gell, produced by Tom Calderbank.

Theme Music by Steve Fly Agaric 23”

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