Caligula, the drinking game

Caligula – An Adult Party Game from Steve Jackson Games. Caesar Commands You Make Rules! And Drink!” Crowdfunding effort, for a game with self-amendment rules like Suber’s Nomic or Looney’s Fluxx, with 12 days to go …

Hermetic Library Omnium Caligula the Drinking Game 28jul2023

“Party Like It’s 37 AD With Caligula!

Under the dissolute Emperor Caligula, the Roman Senate gets down to serious business: drinking. But they keep on making laws. The usual penalty for disobedience: take another drink! Can you make laws that will trap your friends into going broke . . . or just not being able to find the table?

A Drinking Game Unlike Any Other

Designed by Steve Jackson, Caligula is an adult party game that combines imbibing with a slate of ever-shifting rules. Players create new laws and penalties for breaking those laws, then try to trick others into running afoul of the edicts (or paying a fine). Made for players aged 21 and up, this game is perfect for game nights, block parties, backyard barbecues and other friendly gatherings. Best of all, the game’s Pocket Box design makes it easy to store and transport for plenty of fun at home or on the go.

(If you want to make rules but don’t want to drink, the game is completely playable without alcohol. Just assign the penalties to money and/or embarrassing forfeits, and you’re golden. SPQR, baby!)”