Mail call 5sep2023

Let’s open this package that’s arrived at the Reading Room!

Hermetic Library Mail Call 5sep2023 Package

Hermetic Library Mail Call 5sep2023 Stickers and Postcards

It’s a selection of Sabbatic Goat, Black Phillip, and Midnight Goat Ride 3″ vinyl stickers (and a stack of calling card postcards to go with each sticker) from Liv Rainey-Smith‘s Xylographilia etsy shop!

These will be heading out to Patrons of Hermetic Library in the next merch mailing.


Also, as a reminder, if you want to participate in postal exchange with me, I occasionally send stuff out to certain Patrons as a perk; but, even if you aren’t able to be a Patron, if you send something I’ll send something back! It’s that easy!

And, not for nothing, if you’re a publisher, author, or creative and want to talk about your work, get in touch!