Essential Magic Theory: Aleister Crowley and the Great Work

必修魔術論: アレイスター・クロウリーと〈大いなる作業〉 (‘Essential Magic Theory: Aleister Crowley and the Great Work’ or ‘Compulsory Theory of Magick, Aleister Crowley and the Magnum Opus’ by Hieros Phoenix / Hiroyuki Takechi) [Amazon, Publisher]

Hieros Phoenix Essential Magic Theory Aleister Crowley and the Great Work



人生の真意を探る鍛錬〈大いなる作業 magnum opus〉の真髄がここに――



Hieros Phoenix (ヒエロスフェニックス)


序 章

第1部 〈預言者666とセレマの黙示録〉

第1章 世紀末の獣 アレイスター・クロウリーの伝説
20 世紀最大の魔術師とトート・タロット
クロウリー以後の魔術界 オカルト・リバイバルとセレマの発展

第2章 『法の書』の啓示
『法の書』の主要メッセージ 『法の書』の神々と聖守護天使アイワス

第3章 新時代(アイオン)の魔術とホルスの時代の秘儀参入

第4章 「銀の星」団と「東方聖堂騎士団」
21 世紀の「銀の星」団と「東方聖堂騎士団」

第5章 新時代(アイオン)の修業体系と「大いなる作業(マグナムオプス)」
黒化 腐敗「聖守護天使の幻視」
白化 啓発「聖守護天使の知識と会話」
赤化 昇華「深淵横断」

第2部 〈戴冠する獣と魔法の杖〉

第1章 魔術の再生 実践的魔術の基礎
魔術の定義 その普遍的定義と新時アイオン代の定義

第2章 アレイスター・クロウリーと儀式魔術
カバラと万物照応 『七七七の書』の活用、儀式魔術と霊視
クロウリーとゲマトリア セレマ魔術特有の用語とその数値的分析
新時代(アイオン)の魔法円と神殿 魔法武器とその象徴的意味

第3章 アレイスター・クロウリーと神秘主義
『道徳経』『易経』─ 中国の体系の影響
仏教の影響─ 無我、四聖諦、八正道、涅槃

第4章 魔術の実践的アプローチ
魔術実践のための基礎的考察─ 検討すべきポイント

終 章

附録Ⅰ 『OZ の書』セレマイト宣言書
附録Ⅱ 用語解説
附録Ⅲ 参考文献一覧”

(Content introduction

The art of sophisticated knowledge, magic.

To the chosen ones who want to practice true magic.
Here is the essence of the great work magnum opus, the training to explore the true meaning of life.

An orthodox theoretical book based on the solid experience and practice of active magicians. A profound basic introduction for all those who want to become a magician, challenging Crowley’s magic system and the legendary holy book “Book of Law.”

“Magic is the science and art of causing change according to one’s will.”
Aleister Crowley

Magic is not fantasy.

Author introduction

Hieros Phoenix

Born in Kobe, an Aquarius magician. He started practicing magic in his early 20s. He learned theory and practice at multiple magic groups, starting with I∴O∴S∴, a pioneering magic group in Japan. He is currently active as a member of the “Silver Star” Order, founded by Aleister Crowley, and the “Order of the Eastern Cathedral.” Since 2009, he has been the representative in Japan of the chief executive of the Knights of the Eastern Cathedral.

Table of Contents


Part 1〈Prophet 666 and the Apocalypse of Thelema〉

Chapter 1 Beast of the End of the Century: The Legend of Aleister Crowley
“Golden Dawn” entry
Formation of the “Silver Star” esoteric study of the East and the West
“Oriental Cathedral Knights” joins
The Greatest Magician of the 20th Century and Thoth Tarot
Magic world after Crowley: Occult revival and development of Thelema

Chapter 2: Revelation from the Book of the Law
“Book of the Law” transmission and its background
Main Messages of the Book of the Law Gods of the Book of the Law and the Holy Guardian Angel Aiwass
The Book of the Law and Thelemite

Chapter 3 Magic of the New Age (Aion) and Initiation in the Age of Horus
The concept of era (Aion) and the transformation of the magical worldview after the Book of the Law
“Hidden God” and “True Will”
The Age of Horus (Aion) and the Children’s Technique
Aleister Crowley, the savior and scribe of the new era (Aion)

Chapter 4 “Silver Star” Order and “Eastern Cathedral Knights”
“Silver Star” Brigade Magic Curriculum
Rank system and core ritual of the “Order of the Eastern Cathedral” “Gnostic Mass”
21st Century “Silver Star” Order and “Order of the Eastern Cathedral”

Chapter 5 New Era (Aion) Training System and “Great Work (Magnum Ops)”
Thelemic interpretation of alchemy
Blackening Corruption “Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel”
Whitening Enlightenment “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”
Redness Sublimation “Crossing the Abyss”

Part 2〈The Crowned Beast and the Magic Staff〉

Chapter 1: Rebirth of Magic: Basics of Practical Magic
Definition of magic: its universal definition and the definition of the new Aion era
Commonalities and differences between the magic of the “Golden Dawn” group and the magic of the new era (Aion)
Typical techniques of practical magic and their purposes

Chapter 2 Aleister Crowley and Ritual Magic
Kabbalah and Anaphora of All Things, Utilization of the Book of Seven Seven Seven, Ritual Magic and Spiritual Vision
Crowley and Gematria Terminology unique to Thelema magic and its numerical analysis
Magic circles and temples of the new era (Aion) Magic weapons and their symbolic meanings
List and explanation of the main rituals of Thelema
Summary of Ritual Magic of the Age of Horus (Aeon)

Chapter 3 Aleister Crowley and Mysticism
Crowley and the 8 stages of yoga
“Tao Te Ching” and “I Ching” ─ Influence of Chinese System
Influence of Buddhism: Selflessness, Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, Nirvana
Islamic mysticism and its influence
Tantrism and Crowley’s Sex Magic

Chapter 4 Practical approach to magic
Basic considerations for magical practice – Points to consider
Basic training curriculum for beginners
Differences between solo magicians and society magicians
Required references introduction

Final chapter

Appendix I “Book of OZ” Thelemite Declaration
Appendix II Glossary
Appendix III List of references)

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