The Scribe*

by SD Master

Silly little b*-ing
Taking stock* in everything
Recording the day
The date
And the Hour
The building,
And falling from towers.
The light of the night
The night of the Light
The working and playing’s,
The leaving and staying’s.
Building a road
in words and prayer,
Speaking to Ancients
at the top
Of the stair.
Criss-Cross, lock jaw,
Don’t ask him what he’s written
He can’t really say.
It was all just the view
That he saw looking through
me and you.

Hermetic Library Zine SD Master the Scribe

B = 2, #2 in the Tarot, “The High Priestess*”. See “Bee”. To make honey. To provide nourishment. To be the Aphid in the Ant colony.

[n.b. Scribe footnote missing]

Stock = 12632 = 5, #5 in the Tarot, “The Hierophant*”. To take into account. The handle of an axe used to chop wood.

2 = The High Priestess, The Camel. The Veil, Mystery, to travel through the desert, keep your hands out of your pants. Keep your ears open and your mouth shut.

5 = The Hierophant, Pontiff, Spiritual Instruction, Seated between two pillars, Reality and Dream. Interprets either, controls neither. Is As.

From The Great Work by SD Master.

SD Master is a mystic who writes poetry.