When the Moon Spun Round — September 23, 2023, Dublin, IE

When The Moon Spun Round, a performance, inspired by the poetry and stories of W B Yeats, by Fidget Feet and Ceol Connected at Dublin Fringe Festival, September 23, 2023.

Hermetic Library Calendar When the Moon Spun Round 23sep2023 Dublin IE

“Performance for Young Audiences · Theatre · Music · Circus · Dance · Young Radicals”

23 September
13:00 & 16:00, €7/€5

Draíocht Blanchardstown – Main Auditorium


“Do you know what happened when the moon spun round? When darkness tumbled upon us, the cats came out to play and the mischievous lady of the river explored what lies behind the moon.

A wonderfully dark and dreamy performance for young audiences, with a beautiful display of aerial dance performed by Fidget Feet’s aerial performers entwined with Ceol Connected and Jym Daly’s melodic and enchanting airs.

Inspired by the poetry and stories of WB Yeats, this coming together of artists and performers from the worlds of aerial dance and traditional arts has resulted in a unique experience that is sure to leave audiences of all ages enthralled.

‘It was the cats who noticed it first; the moon had spun round. And with a great and mischievous smile, the moon asked for a new dance for all.'”


When the Moon Spun Round: Fidget Feet turn Yeats’s poems for children into a stage show. Dublin Fringe Festival 2023: The poems are the jumping-off point for a fast-moving aerial dance show in collaboration with Ceol Connected.”