Random shelfie for the week, 15nov2023

My shelving situation and organization here at the library right now is kind of a disaster, but it’s a working library, and it is mine! Here’s a random peek for this shelfie of the week:

Hermetic Library Shelfie 15nov2023

Front row:
(P E I Bonewits, Real Magic)
The Law Is for All, Crowley, Edited with an introduction by Israel Regardie
Crowley, Magick in Theory and Practice
Crowley, The Book of Lies
Crowley, The Revival of Magick
Aleister Crowley, The Law Is for All, The Commentary to the Book of the Law
Crowley, et al., The Equinox Volume III, Number 10
Aleister Crowley, The Diary a Drug Fiend
Equinox III · 9, Aleister Crowley, The Holy Books of Thelema