The Mask

by SD Master

That which is behind the mask is incorporeal. With every reincarnation we wear a different face (depending on the lesson that needs to be taught, or learned). Using the language we we’re taught in a prior life; we try to communicate our understanding to those who do not comprehend. We invariably are taught, through repetition, how to forget our past (learn to crawl, walk, say momma and dada, don’t soil your diaper… we are tired of taking care of you, grow-up, be someone, especially self-supporting and no longer a hindrance on us!). Given a new ‘norm’ (so as not to embarrass the members of the community, parents and friends), the child is given a promise of a new future and instructed to do as told. Being young and impressionable, we become as directed, only later to rebel against the lesson as taught. Did we not come here to instruct. Perhaps no one listens? Why the bother, what the rush… if it doesn’t matter, shouldn’t we throw our hands to the air and collectively say F*ck It! As a peb- ble thrown into the water, it creates a ripples. Eventually the ripple comes to another shore, and we find we have made an imprint in our time spent. And the mask actually came in handy. Selah.

From Quotes, Quips and Whimsical Conundrums by SD Master.

SD Master is a mystic who writes poetry.

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