More on the Copiale cipher and the revealed rites of a secret society of Oculists

I’d posted previously about the success made cracking the Copiale cipher, and that the text revealed the ritual of a previously lost German secret order called the Great Enlightened Society of Oculists, at “The Book of Law of the Venerable Secret Order of the Eye“. Today I noticed that over on Danger Room, there’s a […]

Most popular Hermetic Library blog posts of 2013

Here are the top 5 most viewed posts on this blog for this 2013 calendar year’s end: Leaf and twig design ring sets Da Pacem Domine (Last year’s 2nd also) Hello Aleister Crowley The Magician Kitty Satanic Knit Baphomet Sweater My Life with the Fill Kill Kult All but one of the top 5 are newly posted this year. The […]

Summary for the year 2017

Here’s a summary of Hermetic Library activity for the year 2017. Every year there’s so much going on, I’m sure I’m going to miss some things. Consider going through all past summaries for more details about what was going on each week of last year. However, here’s some important things that come to my mind […]

Most popular Hermetic Library blog posts of 2012

Here are the top 5 most viewed posts of 2012: The Copiale Cipher: An Early German Masonic Ritual Unveiled Da Pacem Domine Leather steampunk Anubis and Bast masks Hello Aleister Crowley Kitty Boleskine House Here’s the 5 most popular search terms: krampus (Last year’s 3rd) boleskine house aleister crowley thelema (Last year’s 2nd) abbey of thelema If you want […]