Summary for the year 2018

Here’s a summary of Hermetic Library activity for the year 2018. Every year there’s so much going on, I’m sure I’m going to miss some things. Consider going through all past summaries for more details about what was going on each week of last year. However, here’s some important things that come to my mind […]

Summary for the week ending Jul 29, 2018

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending July 29, 2018. Among other things going on this week, check out Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition, Number 1, The Egyptian Mysteries, which is new on the site. Don’t forget that I announced the call for submissions to Hermetic Library’s anthology album for 2018, Magick, […]

Success Is Your Proof

Hermetic Library Fellow T Polyphilus reviews Success Is Your Proof: One Hundred Years of O.T.O. in North America  by Richard Kaczynski, & al. Success Is Your Proof is a collection of papers and essays commemorating two different anniversaries in O.T.O. organizing–both the centennial of O.T.O. in North America (dating from the local charter issued for Vancouver, British […]

Summary of the week ending Jul 6th, 2013

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending July 6th, 2013.   The Unicursal SUCCESS IS YOUR PROOF Poster is another piece of helpful propaganda from the Ministry of Information, a take on the original trilogy of British posters from WWII. There’s downloadable wallpapers of each, and links to t-shirts and posters for several […]