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The Aethyrs comics by John Griogair Bell, the Librarian. So far, this is Volume 1—2016 (As brothers fight ye!) and Volume 2—2017 (Do that, and no other shall say nay.). Click here to start at the beginning.

Aethyrs Volume 1

Announcing the complete debut collection of Aethyrs comic panels posted to the Hermetic Library Blog in 2016 by the librarian of Hermetic Library, John Griogair Bell.

Aethyrs Volume 1 2016 cover

I’ve been holding onto an idea for a comic for a long time, and have been jotting down dialog ideas for several years now. Two things happened recently. First, I ran into a sketch pad I’d forgotten about where I’d been doodling some ideas for the characters. Second, I realized that I was just in time for #Inktober, a personal challenge to do some ink drawing each day for the month of October.

Well, I’ve gone and done it now.

Contents is the collection of the following panels:

0 In the Beginning…
1 There was Nothing.
2 Nothing gets boring really fast.
3 Nothing decided to become Something.
4 Something isn’t much better than Nothing.
5 But at least it’s Something.
6 As brothers fight ye!
7 ‘Sup? Dude.
8 You suck.
9 No. You suck.
10 Ever get the feeling?
11 No. But, I bet you do.
12 Your hostility betrays a weakness of character.
13 I’m not being hostile.
14 Yes? Maybe. No!
15 You’re wrong.
16 I just haven’t figured out how.
17 I always knew you were a scorpion.
18 You failed to understand.
19 Why won’t you just talk to me?
20 I’m ignoring you.
21 No, I don’t!
22 Until you get caught.
23 You.
24 I’d rather be alone.
25 Why are you here?
26 Service me.
27 It isn’t about you.
28 Why do you have to be that way?
29 Helping you understand isn’t a priority.
30 I give up.
31 Mind your own business.
32 Do the thing.
33 Take a swim.
34 The only one.
35 It exists.
36 I have my own.
∞ (silence)

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I would especially like to take a moment to thank each and every 2016 Funding Campaign and Patron Campaign supporter for helping to make this new comic and the work of the library possible.