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Esoteric Disorientation Manual

I would like to introduce Esoteric Disorientation Manual, a new section at the library.

I’m hoping that this becomes a place for a variety of resources that haven’t necessarily been available before at the library, as a kind of guide to the esoteric experience with words of advice for weird people, so to speak. This can be a place to collect resources regarding many kinds of issues, such as race and diversity in esotericism, as well as other materials intended to help ground and prepare students, practitioners, and researchers in the realities of esoteric studies. For example, an essay that answers the question “What do you know now about esoteric studies that you wish someone had told you before?” would be a great addition. Other important or meaningful hints and tips about how to get the most out of, and avoid structural pitfalls in, one’s study and work, that might not be part of a standard curriculum, would be great resources.

Currently, this is really just a stub, with a link to examples of disorientation manuals from the academic settings of The Evergreen State College and Hampshire College. If you want to get involved in helping grow this section with resources, get in touch!