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You may be interested in a new post by Sabazius about the implementation of a specific part of Liber CXCIV (Book 194)

You may be interested in a new post by Sabazius over on his blog at “A new method of selecting Man of Earth Delegates” about the implementation of a specific part of Liber CXCIV (Book 194), which is one of the O.T.O. specific Libri, also called “An Intimation with Reference to the Constitution of the Order“.

“Heretofore, these Man of Earth Delegates have volunteered directly to the USGL Volunteer Coordinator, who would then pass their information on to me for consideration. However, according to Book 194, the Men of Earth are to ‘choose’ these Delegates. Note also that the closing paragraph of Book 194 states that the system of O.T.O. ‘combines monarchy with democracy.’ There is no other component of the O.T.O. governmental structure that involves democratic election; therefore, the choosing of the MOE Delegates by the members of the Man of Earth Triad would appear to be the sole constitutional opportunity to include an element of ‘democracy’ in our system.

To date, it has appeared impractical to implement any kind of direct election of these Delegates by the members of the Man of Earth Triad, especially given the criteria that their terms are for one year only, there must be four of them, and two must be male and two female. If the Delegates were each to be chosen by open vote of the entire Man of Earth Triad, these criteria would put Grand Lodge in a painful state of perpetual election that would pose essentially insurmountable logistical obstacles. Over the past year, however, we have developed a system that overcomes these obstacles, and fully implements a system permitting the Man of Earth Triad to choose its own Delegates according to Book 194; and the Executive has just formally adopted this system.

The essence of the system involves the creation of an intermediate Nomination Panel—composed exclusively of members of the Man of Earth Triad—to evaluate and nominate volunteer candidates to the National Grand Master General for appointment as Man of Earth Delegates”

You may be interested in a new post by Sabazius over on his blog about the Tunis Comment, or The Comment

You may be interested in a new post by Sabazius over on his blog about the Tunis Comment, or The Comment, at “A Brief Examination of ‘The Comment’“.

“These days, The Comment is sometimes regarded as a bit of irony, or an anachronism, or an example of ‘reverse psychology,’ or even a joke. But Crowley took this statement quite seriously, even if not perfectly literally.” [via]

“There is nothing wrong with studying Crowley’s evolving commentaries and writings dealing with Liber AL, such is encouraged by The Comment and was clearly the intent. But we know from experience that group discussion, especially in official contexts within a hierarchical organization, inevitably evokes the dynamic of intellectual leaders and followers, and subtle pressures to conform. O.T.O. is full of what might be considered operative paradoxes, and this is a significant one. We believe that by actively working to discourage the creation of social contexts in which individuals are expected to state their personal views on Liber AL and its meaning, we preserve their freedom.” [via]

American Idol: On Nietzsche in America

American Idol: On Nietzsche in America” by Ross Posnock is an article in the Nation from Nov, 2011 which talks about Friedrich Nietzsche and a book American Nietzsche: A History of an Icon and His Ideas by Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen.


“Nietzsche paid a heavy price for daring to strip away the comforting props of Victorian piety, bringing readers face to face with the imperative ‘to become what you are.’ He launched his own version of Emerson’s project, which begins with the recognition that man is but ‘a half-man,’ a ‘dwarf of himself.’ The time was ripe: how thrilling it must have been for Americans long shackled to the ‘agonized conscience’ of Puritan rectitude, the ‘yoke’ of the genteel, in George Santayana’s phrasing. Cease hiding behind conformity and habit and laziness, Emerson and Nietzsche implore; the former invites ‘every man to expand to the full circle of the universe,’ while the latter will eventually call for the overcoming of the human, summoning what he will name the ‘overman.'” [via]


“Nietzsche-mania erupted in Europe a decade before the philosopher’s death in 1900, spreading throughout the continent and on to Russia, and reaching the United States in the new century’s first decade. A question raised almost at once (and periodically revived) was why Nietzsche was proving so popular here: ‘What is the philosophy of an anti-Christian, antidemocratic madman doing in a culture like ours? Why Nietzsche? Why in America?’ Ratner-Rosenhagen wonders. Nietzsche became the exemplar for those seeking, in Emerson’s words, ‘not instruction, but provocation’; not intellectual doctrine but the visceral sense of liberation in hearing the inadmissible given voice. Radical leftists—anarchists, socialists and feminists—were early enthusiasts, including Emma Goldman, Randolph Bourne and the Harlem socialist Hubert Harrison, who found in Nietzsche’s contempt for religion and democracy a way to rouse the masses from obedience to Christian ideals of submission and democratic fictions of a free market.” [via]



Of course, Friedrich Nietzsche is proclaimed Saint of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica in the Gnostic Mass and there are other resources in the collection of the Hermetic Library. You may also be interested in these other articles at the library which mention Nietszche, to name a few:

Why Change Your Wife?


Sabazius pointed this out over on Fb:

“The actress playing the Client in this rare silent film is Jane Wolfe, Soror Estai. She had a nervous breakdown during the production of this movie, later contacting Aleister Crowley at Cefalu. She subsequently relocated to Cefalu and became one of Crowley’s students and an A∴A∴ initiate; and much later, the mentor of Phyllis Seckler, Soror Meral.”

Sabazius has posted his address to the 8th biennial National OTO Conference

Sabazius has posted a new page to the Invisible Basilica, “Address delivered by National Grand Master General Sabazius Xº to the Eighth National Conference of the U.S. O.T.O. Grand Lodge, Manifest Thy Glory, Saturday evening, August 6, 2011 e.v., Dearborn, Michigan“:

“How can there be any higher measure of success than to understand and realize ones own divine essence, and to manifest its glory? To accomplish the Great Work? To do your True Will as a god upon Earth? The wealth, status and fame so coveted by some are mere vain baubles in comparison: drugs to soothe a blind ego that cannot perceive, or will not recognize, its own essential divinity.

You partake of the same divine nature as the world’s wealthiest plutocrats, the world’s most powerful dictators, the world’s most beloved celebrities, and the world’s most impoverished beggars.

True kingship is realizing this.” [via]

Sabazius posts Sekhet-Maat Arson Attempt

Sabazius has posted “Sekhet-Maat Lodge Arson Attempt” at The Invisible Basilica Blog

Because of the nature of the event, and with an aside that Sekhet-Maat Lodge happens to be my local body, I quote at length:

“This past Sunday night, an act of arson was perpetrated against Sekhet-Maat Lodge in Portland, Oregon. The arson occurred in the middle of the night, and no one was in the building at the time. However, the fire was reported quickly to the fire department, which was able to act in time to prevent any significant structural damage, although there was some damage to the facade of the building and some smoke damage inside. The police are actively investigating this crime.”


“The damage has been largely cleaned up by lodge members and friends at this point, but further repairs will be required; and SML could use some help with the costs. Contributions may be made via Paypal to, or mailed to the Lodge at:

Sekhet-Maat Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis
1409 SE Stark
Portland, OR 97214”

Update 6jul2010 @ 8:51pm:

Geoff Leibinger, the body master of Sekhet-Maat Lodge, has posted a note to the Fb page for the body, which you may wish to gander at also. In addition to re-iterating the statement about donations being accepted to help repair what damage has been caused to the building, I quote the following from that post:

“The Brothers and Sisters of Sekhet-Maat Lodge would like to thank everybody for the showing support and love for the recent arson attempted at our temple. We are currently in the process of rebuilding and had a great night last night of cleaning and our community came together to console each other and start the process of renewal by doing the first round of cleaning and repairs from the fire.

The investigation is underway with arson specialists from Portland City Police and Fire department as well as the A.T.F. They have determined that the attack was targeted. At this point they are looking for a specific suspect rather than an organized group or random act of violence.”


“All of the members of Sekhet-Maat Lodge are shook up by this event and we are so very grateful for the love that initiates and local bodies from across the globe have shown us. We hope to rebuild quickly and come back stronger than ever.

‘Burning up in the Flame of his Prayer, and born again — the Phoenix!’

– Book of Lies, TWIG”

EGC Lecture

There is an extensive historically interesting playlist of 34 videos with Sabazius X, recorded in 1995, described as:

“A Gnostic Mass lecture and step-by-step walkthrough by Fra.Sabazius. Very detailed 3.5hrs. Some information may be out of date, but this is a treasure trove for “Priests and Priestesses” who are out on their own. Everything from Priestess modesty issues to alcohol and AIDS. Exhaustive.”

This was posted by Aleister Crowley Oasis Ritual Videos Archive as part of what appears to be an effort to preserve contents from a deteriorating video library.

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