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Voces Magicae — May 28, 2023, online

Voces Magicae: From Ancient Sources to Modern Interpretations, an online lecture for Kirsten D Dzwiza patrons, May 28, 2023, 6pm CET, online.

Hermetic Library Calendar Voces Magicae 28may2023 Online

“This is a lecture I have been wanting to do for a long time. ‘Voces magicae’ is not an ancient term that was used in the magical papyri. The original technical terminology in these papyri has been ignored by modern scholarship to a large extent, and modern interpretations illustrate a serious bias towards (or rather: against) magic and magicians on one hand, and a lack of examination of the original texts on the other. This has lead to quite some misunderstanding concerning what ‘voces magicae’ are, how they were understood and used in the magical papyri, and what they are not.

In the first part of this lecture I want to make you familiar with the ancient terminology behind ‘voces magicae’ and show you how they were understood and used in ancient magic. To do so, we will take a look at multiple examples from the ritual manuals as well as from the artefacts of applied magic. This will also illustrate where our current limits of understanding are.

In the second part of the lecture I will show you and discuss modern interpretations of ‘voces magicae’, from useful approaches to the ultimate biased explanations by renowned scholars.

I will close the lecture with an outlook of what is needed to improve our understanding of ‘voces magicae’ and how we can get there.”

A Show for Claudia — June 24 & 25, 2023, London, UK

A Show for Claudia [also], celebrating the community around Claudia Boulton who played the role of Eris in the Cosmic Trigger Play, 7 pm on June 24 & 25, 2023, London, UK.

Hermetic Library Calendary a Show for Claudia June 24 and 25 2023 London UK

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th June, 7pm
The Cockpit, Gateforth St, London NW8 8EH

A night for those touched by the life and creativity of Claudia Boulton (19/04/1946 – 26/10/2021)

If you were lucky enough to encounter this wild, wise and eccentric being during her life, then you know you have to be there or be square!

In a theatrical experiment that Claudia would have adored, a group of her friends and fellow theatre-makers will live and work together for the week prior to the show, then come straight to The Cockpit to bring you – whatever the hell they cook up! All we know is it will fizz with all the theatrical panache and danger that Claudia was known – and loved – for.

Likely to be in the mix: live performance, audio footage of her talking about her life, table-top puppetry and extracts from her autobiographical play The Woof, celebrating the wit and wisdom of our dearly missed co-conspirator.

And of course, unforeseeable chaos of the best kind.

So don your sharpest hat – or dress entirely in orange – and be prepared for an initiation into alternative theatre, spiritual seeking and psychedelic counterculture through a life lived on the wilder side.

All Hail Dis-Claudia!

Concession price available for Students, Seniors and Cash Strapped Seekers.”

“All profits go towards the Claudrobe fund – a living archive project for Claudia’s extensive costume collection”

Austin Osman Spare – The Book of Pleasure Book Launch & Exhibition Closing — June 21, 2023, London, UK

Austin Osman Spare – The Book of Pleasure Book Launch & Exhibition Closing, with Devil’s Botany Chocolate Absinthe; the closing of the A Bestiary of Austin Osman Spare exhibit at Viktor Wynd Museum, with Jerusalem Press, June 21, 2023, London, UK.

Hermetic Library Calendar Austin Osman Spare the Book of Pleasure Book Launch Exhibition Closing 21june2023 London UK

“The Book of Pleasure – Austin Osman Spare
Book Launch & Exhibition Closing, with Devil’s Botany Chocolate Absinthe

Events – Exhibition
JUN 21ST 2023
June 21st 2023 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

300 free tickets

The Viktor Wynd Museum & Jerusalem Press are Delighted to Invite you to come and say goodbye to our exhibition of 42 works – ‘A Bestiary of Austin Osman Spare’ – closes July 9th and toast the publication of the deluxe edition of The Book of Pleasure by Austin Osman Spare

This newly revised 2023 Jerusalem Press edition marks 110 years since first publication of Spare’s magical book. Resplendent with full-page symbolist illustrations representing some of the artist’s most beautiful draughtsmanship. It is also festooned with Spare’s automatic drawings and sigils. This seminal work has established Spare as a unique and formidable figure in twentieth century western magic.

This edition includes previously unpublished drawings and ink works that may well have been part of the artist’s wider conception of the Book.”

Goddess-Trees in the Forest of Bliss — May 25, 2023, online

Goddess-Trees in the Forest of Bliss with David Gordon White, presented by Sapienza Università Di Roma, May 25, 2023, online

Hermetic Library Calendar Goddess Trees in the Forest of Bliss 25may2023 Online

Università Di Roma

Dottorato in Civiltà
Dell’asia E Dell’africa Curriculum Siac

David Gordon White
Distinguished Emeritus Professor
University of California Santa Barbara

In the Forest
Of Bliss
Tree Worship
in Vārānasī
And Greater India
(200 Bce – 2000 Ce)

25 Maggio 2023
Laboratorio Didattico 2
Edificio Marco Polo
Scalo S. Lorenzo 82

Link Per Seguire Da Remoto: ”

Presumably about “Goddess Trees in the Forest of Bliss: Local Place and Translocal Space in a City of Pilgrims” by David Gordon White.

“The temples and bathing places of Varanasi, the holy city of the Hindus, have been documented textually and cartographically for over 1000 years. Created mainly for the use of pilgrims, these sources—textual “glorifications” (māhātmyams) and “picture maps” highlighting the temples and shrines of the great gods of official Hindu polytheism—have represented Varanasi as a city transcending the bounds of time and space. Entirely ignored in these documents are references to the local deities that Varanasi residents, not all of them Hindu, venerate in their daily lives. Many of these are neem trees (Azadirachta indica), identified as goddesses, which have defined the city’s urban fabric since the time when Varanasi was known as the “Forest of Bliss.” Ancient Indian sources, mainly Buddhist, demonstrate that tree worship, current in Varanasi some 2000 years ago, was also foundational to the iconography of Kṛṣṇa and Śiva, two of the high gods of official Hindu theism. This chapter explores the relationship between the local and translocal (i.e., universal, all-Indian lifeworlds of South Asian religion), arguing that the Varanasi of local vernacular practice precedes and undergirds the Varanasi of translocal official Hinduism.”

Which is a chapter that appears in Living Folk Religions [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher, DOI, Local Library] eds Sravana Borkataky-Varma, Aaron Michael Ullrey.

Borkataky-Varma Ullrey Living Folk Religions

“Living Folk Religions presents cutting-edge contributions from a range of disciplines to examine religious folkways across cultures. This collection embraces the non-elite and non-sanctioned, the oral, fluid, accessible, evolving religions of people (volk) on the ground. Split into five sections, this book covers:

What Is Folk Religion?

Spirit Beings and Deities

Performance and Ritual Praxis

Possession and Exorcism

Health, Healing, and Lifestyle

Topics include demons and ambivalent gods, tree and nature spirits, revolutionary renunciates, oral lore, possession and exorcism, divination, midwestern American spiritualism, festivals, queer sexuality among ritual specialists, the dead returned, vernacular religions, diaspora adaptations, esoteric influences underlying public cultures, unidentified flying objects (UFOs), music and sound experiences, death rituals, and body and wellness cultures.

Living Folk Religions is a must-read for those studying Comparative Religions, World Religions, and Religious Studies, and it will also interest specialists and general readers, particularly enthusiastic readers of Anthropology, Folklore and Folk Studies, Global Studies, and Sociology.”

Ancient Pagan Werewolf Cults and Their influence — May 16, 2023, online

Ancient Pagan Werewolf Cults and Their influence with Denny Sargent, hosted by Amy Hale, May 16, 2023 The Viktor Wynd Museum & The Last Tuesday Society, May 16, 2023, 2pm CDT, online.

Hermetic Library Calendar Ancient Pagan Werewolf Cults and Their Influence 16may2023

“Ancient Pagan Werewolf Cults and Their influence on the ‘witch cults’ of Medieval Europe

From the 40,000 year old image of a hunting werewolf cave painting to the modern revival of Pagan werewolf magick, shapeshifting and specifically werewolfery, has been an important though often overlooked part of Western Pagan thought and practice. This presentation begins with documented prehistoric werewolf cults and Pagan werewolf shape shifting practices and then follows classical historians such as Herodotus and Livy and their first hand observations of werewolf ritual shapeshifting practices within the primal religious traditions and practices of ancient Greece, Rome, Scythia, among others.

The influence of these deep-seated animistic ‘shamanic’ practices clearly influenced the Pagan survivals in Europe post- Rome and a surprising percentage of ‘witches’ that were persecuted and executed by the Church were accused of being witches and werewolves. The atrocious witchcraft trial documents give clear indications that shapeshifting ‘werewolf’ practices were part of these small Pagan cults as well as later werewolf cult survivals like the Benandanti cult, sometimes called the ‘Wolves of God,’ as well as werewolf warrior cults in Ireland, Scotland and other Celtic countries where even today werewolves (like the Wulvers) are still looked upon favorably.”

Austin Osman Spare and his Muses — May 8, 2023, London, UK

Austin Osman Spare and his Muses with Stephen Pochin, in person, with complimentary glass of Devil’s Botany Absinthe, May 8, 2023, 7pm BST, at Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities, London, UK.

Hermetic Library Calendar Austin Osman Spare and His Muses 8may2023 London UK

“Please note this is NOT a ZOOM Lecture but an in person lecture at our museum – tickets include a complimentary glass of Devil’s Botany Absinthe

Doors open at 6:30pm and lecture starts at 7pm

‘As dreams are made on…’ Austin Osman Spare and his Muses, with Stephen Pochin – LIVE

A lavish slide-talk investigating the varieties of visual inspiration behind Spare’s portrayal of women, and the female nude.

Ranging from Classical allusion, Edwardian theatre postcards, life-models, and cinema posters… Who was his wife? And were all those drawings really of her?”

Fried! At The Church & The Undergroundlings present experimental art and music — May 20, 2023, Voorburg, NL

Fried! At The Church & The Undergroundlings present experimental art and music on May 20, 2023, at Onze Lieve Vrouwe Church, Voorburg, NL.

“Fried! At The Church & The Undergroundlings are joining forces again and inviting you for another gathering with experimental art and music in the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Church in Voorburg on May 20. (don’t) Expect a helix of cheeky guerrilla theatre, absurd noises and obscure voices, a twilight zone in which unexpected collisions are welcomed. Join us!

Doors: 15:00
Address: Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk, Laan van Nieuw Oosteinde 1, Voorburg
Cost: 7EUR
The Undergroundlings

///// This event is a collaboration between The Undergroundlings, Fried! At The Church, Helicopter and Radio Tonka and is supported by the Gemeente Voorburg / Leidschendam”

Updated information, 8may2023:

Hermetic Library Calendar Fried at the Church and the Undergroundlings Present Experimental Art and Music 20may2023 Updated

“We welcome you to the third edition of Fried! At The Church & The Undergroundlings Present, a festival with underground art, music, food and drinks in the Onze-Lieve-Vrouw ten Hemelopneming in Voorburg, Den Haag. It might be the very last event in this beautiful church building so let’s make this one a blast! Save the date: May 20, from 15:00 – 23:00 hrs.

(Don’t) expect a helix of cheeky guerrilla theatre, absurd noises and obscure voices, a twilight zone in which unexpected collisions are welcomed.

There will be a delicious asian dinner served, prepared by Ridha. Don’t miss this..
Keep an eye on our website or fb page, we’ll give some updates on the dinner and time schedule etc.


The Gnostic Universe — until May 22, Beijing, CN

The Gnostic Universe is a show by the Chinese artist Liu Guoyi that runs until May 22 in Beijing, CN. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a lot of information about it. Every mention seems to point back to one source “The Gnostic Universe exhibition in Beijing reveals the art of Liu Guoyi” which doesn’t offer much detail.

Hermetic Library Calendar the Gnostic Universe Until 22may2023

“The latest works from Chinese artist Liu Guoyi are on display in Beijing in the new show The Gnostic Universe. Curated by Wang Zhigang and Gao Renjie, this exhibition features Liu’s oil paintings, sculptures, videos, derivative works and many other masterpieces in order to integrate art into daily life and people’s lifestyles. Curator Wang Zhigang said during the opening ceremony that Gnostics believe that the consciousness and the mind are the basic components of the universe, and that all things have a spirit. These spiritualities and wisdom transcend our understanding, while artistic creation is the ability to capture and interpret emotions and nature. ‘So we will discover new species in the artist’s various pieces. It means the recreation of another universe with new characteristics such as kindness and innocence,’ said Wang. Dreams during his childhood and life experiences have inspired his art, expressed in paintings and sculptures, according to the artist. The exhibition is set to run until May 22.”

Speakeasy of the Dead — April 30, 2023, online

Speakeasy of the Dead V, an online cabaret for fancy necromancers, presented by Radio Free Golgotha, April 30, 2023, online.

Hermetic Library Calendar Speakeasy of the Dead 30apr2023

“Speakeasy of the Dead (V)
An online cabaret for fancy necromancers

By Radio Free Golgotha

Starts on Sunday, April 30 · 6pm CDT

Join us for our fifth SPEAKEASY OF THE DEAD, your favourite online cabaret for fancy necromancers!

We will have three 20-minute talks, a few ten-minute presentations and our usual segments of necro-astrology, slide-galleries of curated art, dread poetry, and herbalism of the dead; all inspired by our topic-theme-prompt NIGHT FLIGHT.


– Dr Alexander Cummins & Sasha Ravitch, speaking two-headedly on the Trooping Dead and fairy Arthuriana of the Wild Hunt

– Katarina Pejovic, sharing Balkan lore, legend, and litany.

– Matthew Venus , considering perspectives on (and protections against) the witches’ night flight.


– The Dead Weather Report with JM Hamade

– Curated Art by Sarah Wood

– Poetry from Cooper Wilhelm

– Necro-gardens tended by Jesse Hathaway Diaz

and as always, all proceedings hosted by

The Good Doctor and Goat of Radio Free Golgotha

Price of Entry: $7

We plan to donate all proceeds to E-Romnja, a Roma feminist, a-political and non-profit organization that fights for the rights of Roma women and girls.”

SatanCon 2023 — April 28–30, 2023, Boston, US

The Satanic Temple presents SatanCon 2023, the second convention with this one commemorating TST’s 10th year, is April 28–30, 2023, Boston, US. (N.B. Although this is an upcoming calendar event, at the time of posting, tickets to the main event are sold out. There are still passes to the marketplace, sans presentations and so on.)

Hermetic Library Calendar Satancon 2023 28apr2023

Boston Marriott Copley Place – April 28-30, 2023


See also “Boston’s SatanCon expected to be largest ever gathering of Satanists“—”Hundreds of Satanists will converge in Boston’s Copley Square at the end of April for the second annual SatanCon. But they aren’t coming to worship the devil. With over 800 registered attendees, organizers say they’re expecting it to be the largest ever gathering of Satanists, accompanied by protests of conservative and Christian groups from across the country.” “The event has been widely covered in conservative media, including Fox News. Online protesters like televangelist John Ramirez say the Satanic Temple, the organization hosting the convention, exists ‘so demons and spirits can work in the atmosphere … to really bring destruction to the people.’ Dex Desjardins, an ordained minister of Satan and spokesman for the [Satanic] Temple, said the church is often misunderstood.” “‘We know that there are movements in this country right now that are trying to take away voting rights. They’re trying to restrict the kinds of relationships you can have, what you can read at school, what you can say as a teacher, and you have to push back. And it’s risky. It’s always risky to fight for civil rights.’ Desjardins said the group supports people’s right to protest, so long as they do so peacefully. ‘That’s their First Amendment right, just like we have the right to be here and hold our convention,’ he said.”