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MUSIC RADIO @ HRMTC listening party: Of Wild Hazel by Blasting Rod

MUSIC RADIO @ HRMTC listening party: Of Wild Hazel by Blasting Rod, Friday, March 25, 8:88pm (aka 9:28) US/Central.

MUSIC RADIO @ HRMTC listening party: Of Wild Hazel by Blasting Rod, Friday, March 25, 8:88pm (aka 9:28) US/Central

This is a special pre-order listening party for Of Wild Hazel [8 – Track / Fake – Track™] by Blasting Rod and also the first every listening party!

Introducing the new Hrmtc Underground BBS

I have created a new Hrmtc Underground BBS, and added links to it in a number of places across the library site and elsewhere. You may be interested in taking a gander.

Hrmtc Underground BBS

You can read a bit more about my thoughts and hopes for this new space for discussion at “So this happened then … the new Hrmtc Underground BBS!” and there are a few more posts of possible interest, such as the one where I talk briefly about my design process for the logo at “Hrmtc Underground BBS logo“, and so forth.

I have also added a new Patron reward level for the Patron campaign over at Patreon which grants access to an exclusive forum on the BBS for those particular Patrons who want that. In part this is simply a reward that creates a space for those Patrons to interact with each other and myself, and possibly brainstorm about the Patron campaign and soever. Another thing is that those Patrons who want to help support the BBS have a specific way to contribute to the cost of running the dedicated instance on which the BBS runs.

The BBS itself is running on the Discourse engine, which is a bit of new and modern software that I’ve been somewhat anxiously waiting to reach a point where I thought it was stable and usable enough to install for the purposes of adding discussion space back to the library. Yes, as some may recall, there was previously a full WordPress Multisite / BuddyPress installation behind the Hrmtc Underground which, for a number of reasons failed to work out. Having a platform for discussion has been something that I’ve been wanting to try again, and believe this will be a good platform for hosting discussions about the library site and other topics of interest. Whereas a website is primarily one way communication, and social media is great for asynchronous streams that sometimes overlap, having a forum is great for communication that is grouped, topical and threaded. And, that’s a different thing entirely, and I think something worth having part of the mix of possible ways to engage the material at the library. Plus, it’s kinda fun in a nostalgic way to think of it as a BBS.

But, head on over and check it out. Let me know what you think. And, (ΑΠΟ ΠΑΝΤΟΣ ΚΑΚΟΔΑΙΜΟΝΟΣ!) if you’re willing and able to be a constructive part of this new community at this early stage in its development, then do join in!

De Profundis

You may recall mention of De Profundis previously once or twice. Not only did I review this game back around ALA’s National Game Day 2011, but there’s also a review by T Polyphilus for the Reading Room in 2012 as well, so please do take a gander at those if you hadn’t already.

Well, I’ve tossed around the idea, which I mention in passing in my review, of doing something to create a website to present the record of an ongoing session; and, I’ve put this together and think it’s ready enough to mention now. So, you may be interested in perusing De Profundis presented by the Hermetic Library, an online record of an ongoing correspondence-based psychodrama.

De Profundis is an online record of an ongoing correspondence-based psychodrama


I don’t really know where this will go or if anyone else will be interested in playing along, but given the scope of the library itself, and the Reading Room and Cadaver Synod sections, it seems like a correspondence-based esoteric and occult collaborative fiction might be something that will be fun to do that combines with other things, and entertaining for those who just want to follow along.

In the back of my mind, I can imagine various other ways this might weave into the existing library activities, such as perhaps images from the visual pool, letters and items in the cache of the Postal Potlatch, and so forth, may appear in or inspire parts of the ongoing drama … maybe. Who knows?

Anyhow, it’s a thing. What kind of thing remains to be seen, but it is a thing. And, maybe that thing will turn into a bigger thing? Check out De Profundis presented by the Hermetic Library, if you like. Follow along, if you’re entertained. Perhaps pick up a copy of the book, read through it; and join in, if you are reckless and bold enough!

Experimental Tumbr for the Hermetic Library

You may be interested in checking out a new experiment over at I’ve used several different tools to post content from the library, and this is another one that I flirted with a while ago, but then didn’t end up using. However, recently I started to try again.

Each of the various ways I post about the library has a different feel to them, so although there’s re-posting in all of them there is also a slightly different kind of engagement for each. Tumblr seems to be very visually oriented in the way that people use it, and so far a lot of the unique flavour of the Hermetic Library over there has been around images. Anyhow, to each their own and if you like Tumblr, you may want to check out and follow the presence for the Hermetic Library over there.

Also, since the Tumblr presence is part of the Hrmtc Underground, I have the posts from there echoing to the @hrmtc twitter feed.