Solid brass Baphomet weights

These solid brass Baphomet weights by Maya Jewelry are on offer for use as body modification weights, in places such as ears … or somewhere else, I suppose, one might have holes at least 0g. Also available in white brass and copper.

Maya Jewelry's brass Baphomet Weights from Bodyartforms

“Each of these is approximately 2″ tall and 1-1/2″ at the widest point, and weigh 2.7 oz. (76 grams).
Each horn has an approximate 7.5mm diameter, so you would have to be at 0g to insert and wear these with one horn.

To wear these with both horns you would have to insert the goat head and it measures about 24mm. Both horns together have an approximate 15mm diameter. We recommend that you be at an 1″ to insert these this way.” [via]

“Detailed devotion in true Heavy Metal form.
2 1/8″ L x 1 9/16″ W
Must be 3/4″ to wear
Weight: 75.5g per piece
Hand forged” [via]

Baphomet items from Toxic Vision

Toxic Vision recently posted a number of new items, including ones that feature both the Baphomet image and sigil. Apparently, one must be quick to catch these because they’re already sold out before I got around to posting about them. But, I thought I’d mention them anyway.

Toxic Vision End of Time dress
End of Time dress


Toxic Vision hooded Baphomet dress
Hooded Baphomet dress


Toxic Vision Baphomet sigil tank top
Baphomet sigil tank top


Toxic Vision red Baphomet sigil bodysuit
Red Baphomet sigil bodysuit


Toxic Vision ritual Baphomet sigil hooded cloak
Ritual Baphomet sigil hooded cloak


Toxic Vision Baphomet metal warrior jacket
Baphomet Metal Warrior jacket


“Toxic Vision is a Toronto based clothing label owned and operated by designer Sharon Ehman. All clothing is made from scratch by the designer and all designs are one of a kind. Aside from producing regular weekly collections, Toxic Vision has also created pieces for Dee Snider, Dave Navarro, Juliette Lewis, Steve Harris, Kat Von D, Watain, Megadeth, Poison, Dimmu Borgir, Morbid Angel and many more.” [via]

Handmade leather boots with a Baphomet design

A pair of custom, handmade leather boots with a Baphomet design on them, made by Pascal of Riff Raff Leather, posted at “These Boots are Made For Walpurgisnacht” and worth checking out.

Baphomet boots by Pascal

“Plans were quickly hatched for a swell pair of custom cowboy boots. He did tracings of my feet, took many measurements, and went into his chopper-filled workshop to work his black magic.

Wanting something unique that would truly showcase Pascal’s talents, I asked for a design featuring Baphomet, the goat-headed deity supposedly worshipped by the Knights Templar. I dug around until I found a nice copy of the famous engraving of Baphomet created by Eliphas Levi, and we were off.” [via]

Baphomet boots by Pascal detail

Hello Baphomet Kitty

The All-Seeing Cat, who’s previous Hello Aleister Crowley Kitty went quite viral, let me know about Hello Baphomet Kitty, a unique new piece no doubt of interest.

The All-Seeing Cat's Hello Baphomet Kitty

“For nearly one thousand years, the figure of Baphomet has laid within the shadows of our conscious grasp as the single most mysterious creation of man’s mind. Most famously being graphically represented to the public in 1854 by Eliphas Levi, Baphomet still begs us to contemplate the apparent contradictions within ourselves as we look upon its symbolic revelation of inherent perfection.

Now Baphomet can inspire you through this handmade sculpture of polymer clay and acrylic paints. ‘Hello Baphomet’ has three coats of chip-resistant polyurethane varnish applied for protection and long lasting beauty, and will come signed by the artist. Please note that strict magical procedures were followed in the production of this One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) piece. Due to the length of time invested in this sculpture, only one will be produced.

‘Hello Baphomet’ sits 4.25 inches tall upon a truncated Earth, with a wingspan of 4 inches and a total depth of 2 inches.” [via]

The Book of Baphomet

The Book of Baphomet by Julian Vayne & Nikki Wyrd, published by Mandrake of Oxford, was recently adapted as an Occult of Personality post at “Baphomet Unveiled“.

“The year is 1307 and The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, better known as The Knights Templar, are about to get busted. An avalanche of accusations is made against the members of this powerful military Order who have been in the business of protecting Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land since 1129. Among these charges, brought against them by King Philip IV ‘the Fair’ of France, is that the Templars are idolaters. Their idol is a head, a cat, a many-faced form, a skull stuffed with grain… Whatever the details might be its name, though confessed by only a few, is Baphomet.”

“Any historian worth their discourse will explain that Baphomet (whichever of the variegated spellings we prefer) is simply the Infidel’s rendering of Muhammed. The irony that Islam, with its proscription against representation in religious art, should be the imagined origin of such idolatry raises a wry grin.

While this etymology for the name Baphomet is pretty much accepted in the academy, part of the delight of this entity is that it acts as a strange attractor around which many weird and wonderful notions coalesce.” [via]

“You hold in your hands the material result of many years’ hard craft. This Book contains some of the secrets of Life itself; or rather, the occult deity of Life on Earth, Baphomet. Horned, vital, beautiful, awe full, our aeons old Chaos Magick idol finds a name from the Knights’ Templar, then goes incognito through the Enlightenment (when flourished those great natural philosophers beloved of science historians), before emerging via devil worship and witchcraft into this era of Deep Ecology.

Darwin could have used a picture of Baphomet as his frontispiece, to demonstrate the one flesh from which all species originate. Contacting this Great Spirit, the anima mundi, allows access to a new way of ordering the world, with fresh visions of how and why we could Live. Here the authors weave strands from their lives into a rich tapestry of images, which might give you a pointer or two towards your own self-realisation, whilst amusing, entertaining, and instructing along the way.

Revolution, evolution, leap beyond the apocalypse to the Now!” [via]

The Book of Baphomet – First Official Trailer from julian vayne on Vimeo.

Concerning Death by Aleister Crowley in International, Dec 1917.

“An Epistle of Baphomet to the Illustrious Damozel Ana Wright, Companion of the Holy Graal, Shining Like the Moon.


That She and Her Sisters May Bring Comfort to All Them That Are Nigh Death, and Unto Such as Love Them.” [via]