Baphomet mask

This Baphomet mask from screwbiter studios may be of interest [HT Buddy Baphomet]. It’s a limited run of 13.

Baphomet mask from screwbiter studios

“There’s been quite a few emails recently asking if the Baphomet mask seen on the front sleeve of Bloody Hammers’ debut album (and new 7″) is still available. The mask which was the first in the Lords of The Left Hand Path series has long been sold out, but due to the amount of emails received I’ve decided to resurrect the Baphomet mask for a short 13 piece run! As with the original production run, each will be individually signed and numbered and cast in rigid neoprene with leather cord. Once this all 13 are sold, that’s it forever so pick one up!”

Baphomet mug

Unfortunately, it looks like this Baphomet mug from Ellie Bryan’s Black Banjo Ceramics is out of stock, but maybe if you mug bug them they’d make one more for you, and, you know, meanwhile, check out their Uterus and Ovaries mugs.

Ellie Bryan Black Banjo Ceramics Baphomet mug
Baphomet mug

More fashion from Toxic Vision with Baphomet

Here is a recent selection of Sharon Ehman’s Toxic Vision items featuring Baphomet image (and one with a sigil). Her goods sell out so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of them, but if you follow her via social media she announces when new collections are going to be posted. Anyhow, here’s a gander at some recent designs she’s had in her shop, and if these interest you then be sure to take a gander at her shop today; I understand there’s a new set of interesting goods being posted at 4pm Eastern time.

Toxic Vision sleeveless Baphomet cloak
Sleeveless Baphomet cloak


Toxic Vision black feverdance dress
Black feverdance dress


Toxic Vision longsleeve Baphomet crop top
Long sleeve Baphomet crop top


Toxic Vision sigil tank
Sigil tank


Toxic Vision Baphomet pants
Baphomet pants


“Toxic Vision is a Toronto based clothing label owned and operated by designer Sharon Ehman. All clothing is made from scratch by the designer and all designs are one of a kind. Aside from producing regular weekly collections, Toxic Vision has also created pieces for Dee Snider, Dave Navarro, Juliette Lewis, Steve Harris, Kat Von D, Watain, Megadeth, Poison, Dimmu Borgir, Morbid Angel and many more.” [via]

Baphomet doll

This Baphomet doll is by Melita Curphy, Miss Monster, and is unfortunately already sold.

missmonster Baphomet doll

“This is my interpretation of Baphomet, a goat headed idol/deity/demon (depending on who you ask) known through an illustration of a sabbatic goat by Eliphas Levi, seen in the tarot and occult artwork. I’m extremely proud of this piece and I feel that it represents a new level of doll crafting for me.

This Baphomet can be cruel and kind, masculine and feminine and commands respect. But it also really really likes peanut butter sandwiches (optional: sprinkled with goats blood, duh) so please have some ready if you give this beast a home. This doll is also best enjoyed while listening to doom metal.

This doll is hand made using cast urethane from original sculptures, a hand sewn faux fur body and hand dyed/painted wool wings. This doll is not articulated, it is a floppy style doll stuffed with polyfill and weighted to sit for display. The wings and ears can be posed. Glass taxidermy eyes.

This doll’s necklace is made from a pewter Baphomet button from The Black Broom, coral, wood, snake bone, horn and amber beads.

13” tall seated.” [via]

Drone of Baphomet

“Drone of Baphomet” is a track added by brett watts in the Hermetic Library audio pool.   The Hermetic Library audio pool is a participatory place for sharing sounds and music of a living Western Esoteric Tradition. If you would like to submit your work for consideration as part of the audio pool, head over […]

The Baphomet

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews The Baphomet by Pierre Klossowski, with an introduction by Michel Foucault:   This novel, with its appetizing title, is a brief-but-heavy excursion into and out of history. The prologue takes place in a commandery of the Knights Templar mere days before their arrest by the French authorities. But the […]