Submissions to the Hermetic Library Zine

So, what have you got for the Zine?

Thank you for your interest in sending in your work as a submission for Hermetic Library’s Zine!

This form is for you to send in your work to post on the blog and social, linked to in the library newsletter, as well as for possible use in an issue of the Hermetic Library Zine.

Each zine is a wild and wooly whatever of occultura and esoterrata compiled together, generally related to Hermetic Library’s overall mission of archiving, engaging and encouraging the living Western Esoteric Tradition, Hermeticism, and Aleister Crowley’s Thelema.

Submissions to the zine need no particular topic, theme, style, or soever. New and old material of pretty much any kind, as long as it can be included on pages in the Zine, is welcome.

While the Zine accepts both new and existing work, if you’ve got an idea for new work (writing, art, video, or soever) that you’d like encouragement to create as a submission to the library, you may want to pitch that idea instead.

If you just want to suggest a link something of interest, that is not a commercial solicitation, or requests for advertising or review, just head over to the suggest form to tell me about something wonderful.

If you’re just looking to get in contact, to talk about PR or something else not related to pitching a new idea, just head over to my contact page and send me an email.

By sending your work to the Zine, you affirm that work is your own, that you release your submission non-exclusively for use by the library by granting all necessary rights to publicly present the work in perpetuity, that you have no conflicts of interest you should declare, and that you are being neither paid nor compensated by another party for your work. If you cannot affirm all of those things, please get in touch to discuss alternatives available to you.

So, what have you got for the Zine?

Get in touch with me with your submission and let me know you’ve read and agreed to this.