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Vril: The Power of the Coming Race” by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, from Edda, available in the US and Canada from J D Holmes, may be of interest.

Edward Bulwer Lytton Vril from Edda

“Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton’s cautionary tale of occult super-powers and advanced subterranean cultures have fascinated readers since 1871. Part early science-fiction, part educational tract, part occult romance, Vril keeps spellbinding readers thanks to its wide range of themes and emotions, as well as its thrilling sense of adventure.

A curious man descends into a mountain through a mine and experiences far more than he bargained for. Deep inside the mountain lies a completely different world. Its inhabitants, the Vril-ya, are human-like but physically superior and philosophically more advanced. They live in harmony made possible by their wisdom but also by the powerful and potentially destructive magical energy: Vril.

The impressed yet terrified visitor is allowed to stay and learn more about their ancient and advanced culture, something very few visitors have—it seems that all the previous adventurers have been mercilessly disposed of by the Vril-ya.”

Esotericism and the Academy

Esotericism and the Academy: Rejected Knowledge in Western Culture by Wouter J Hanegraaff, from Cambridge University Press, previously only available as a 2012 hardcover, is due to release as a paperback tomorrow, March 6th, 2014.

Wouter J Hanegraaff Esotericism and the Academy from Cambridge University Press

“Academics tend to look on ‘esoteric’, ‘occult’ or ‘magical’ beliefs with contempt, but are usually ignorant about the religious and philosophical traditions to which these terms refer, or their relevance to intellectual history. Wouter Hanegraaff tells the neglected story of how intellectuals since the Renaissance have tried to come to terms with a cluster of ‘pagan’ ideas from late antiquity that challenged the foundations of biblical religion and Greek rationality. Expelled from the academy on the basis of Protestant and Enlightenment polemics, these traditions have come to be perceived as the Other by which academics define their identity to the present day. Hanegraaff grounds his discussion in a meticulous study of primary and secondary sources, taking the reader on an exciting intellectual voyage from the fifteenth century to the present day and asking what implications the forgotten history of exclusion has for established textbook narratives of religion, philosophy and science.” [via]

Feeders from Within

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews Feeders from Within by Peter J Evans, set in the Lovecraftian world of Arkham Horror.

Peter J Evans Feeders from Within from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games has published two trilogies set in the Arkham Horror gaming milieu of 1930s Yog-Sothothery, but Feeders from Within is a standalone novel in the same setting, also using characters from the games. The principal protagonists here are drifting veteran Mark Harrigan, psychologist Carolyn Fern, and whistleblower cultist Diana Stanley. A few of Lovecraft’s own characters appear or enjoy mentions, most notably Dr. Henry Armitage, Miskatonic University librarian. With respect to the outré horrors they face, the book uses a synthesis of Lovecraft, Chambers, and Smith that has been established as canonical “mythos” in the game context.

The redoubtable fungus from Yuggoth is a prime culprit in this novel, and the story does indeed take on much of the paranoid mood of its Lovecraftian progenitor “The Whisperer in Darkness.” It is a fast read, with the ERB-cum-Hollywood sort of action story arc that builds to a final confrontation with … (that would be telling). Author Evans accomplishes the—in my opinion, most important—task of making the game characters interesting.

While not a high literary accomplishment, I found Feeders from Within to be compellingly savory textual junk food at the very least. The only real disappointment for me was Stephen Somers’ cover art, which, although it still accurately reflects the book’s contents (a scene from the prologue), didn’t seem up to the standard set by Anders Finér with the other Arkham Horror novels. [via]

Boom Festival 2012 Film The Alchemy Of Spirit (Part II of II)

Boom Festival 2012 Film – The Alchemy Of Spirit (Part II of II) from Boom Festival Official on Vimeo.


“Set during Boom Festival 2012 the documentary THE ALCHEMY OF SPIRIT tells the story of thousands of people from across the world, that come together every 2 years in the August full moon. Together they share the dream of a reality within and beyond this reality, where we can live in harmony with our planet and with each other.

It is a movie about Boomers that learn together about a different way of living, they co-create and share “out of the box” revolutionary ideas for change, to be spread like seeds.”


Boom Festival 2012 Film The Alchemy Of Spirit (Part II of II) is a video from Boom Festival added to the Hermetic Library video pool.

Hermetic Library Anthology Album Mega Pack for your last minute gifting needs in 2013

I wanted to mention again the previously announced ongoing special offer on the complete 2011-2013 music collection from the Hermetic Library Anthology Project which includes separate individual download codes for 9 complete Magick, Music and Ritual digital albums for an especially reasonable rate over buying each piecemeal. And, you know, since it’s all digital downloads, these are something that could be given last minute or even belatedly, if needs must and I would endeavor to help get you sorted in a timely fashion. You may be interested in this for your seasonal gifting needs at the end of 2013, or maybe for your own selfish but still completely valid wants.


Hermetic Library Anthology Album Mega Pack - The Complete Music Collection 2011 - 2013


All 9 anthology albums are available immediately, everything that has been released so far from the very first Yule 2011 issue through the newest Fall 2013 album recently released, and which completes the 2nd full year of albums, to coincide with astronomical Samhain, at 15° Scorpio.

These anthology albums offer the work of over 70 amazing musicians who are inspired by or incorporate the Western Esoteric Tradition into their work, and who have contributed their work to this benefit anthology album project. The entire 2011-2013 collection contains over 12 hours of music. Each album is a carefully created playlist that also combines with all the others into one enormous playlist as well.

The full list of musicians, artists, tracks and more can be found on the Hermetic Library’s Anthology Project Pages.

Downloads are available in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. And, each download code can be used individually, or given out as gifts to friends and family.

Grab the entire collection today, either one of each album to get the whole collection or some combination of 9 download codes you desire to have or gift, in order to help support the continuing work of the Hermetic Library, help cover hosting costs and other expenses like materials acquisitions, and support new efforts and growth in the years to come!


Hermetic Library Anthology Album Mega Pack


The Complete Music Collection 2011 - 2013

The Invocation of Holy Fire

The Invocation of Holy Fire from The Rite of Mars featuring Kristin Holsather is a video with music and photos from Eleusyve Productions related to Aleister Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis. The music is from the upcoming production of Rite of Mars planned for 2014, which you can help make a reality, with photos from the 2012 live production of Rite of Sol. On the Eleuysve YouTube page, they are posting a new video each week in December 2013 featuring previews of Rite of Mars tracks.

“This is a musical interpretation of The Invocation of Holy Fire composed for The Rite of Mars, scheduled to be staged in 2014 by Eleusyve Productions. The vocal track is performed by Kristin Holsather performing at Aries, the same role she performed on stage in The Rite of Sol.

The photographs were taken in 2012 by Sandra Buskirk and Todd Gardiner during live presentations of The Rite of Sol.

The Invocation of Holy Fire is one of many ritual incorporate directly into The Rites of Eleusis by Aleister Crowley. While this ritual is not one of the rituals of The Golden Dawn that are incorporated elsewhere among The Rites of Eleusis (including The Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram, which is also featured during The Rite of Mars) this ritual does follow a formulaic structure similar to other Golden Dawn style workings and seems to be a variation on a similar theme.

Aleister Crowley’s invocations throughout these Rites, particularly his understanding of Mars, would have been informed by The Bartzabel Workings that took place in July of 1909 and the Enochian working detailed in The Vision and The Voice that took place later that year.

The Rites of Eleusis were originally stage at Caxton Hall in London during the Autumn of 1910. While some have expressed the opinion that these were intended to be private ceremonies for initiates only, an interesting argument given the presence of magickal rituals within the plays, all surviving documentation from playbills to diaries support the understanding that they were intentionally written and produced with an educated public in mind.”