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Bibliotheca by Adam Lewis Greene may be of interest. Only a few hours to go on this crowdfunding effort, but it has been funded many times over, to create a presentation of “the biblical literature designed & crafted for reading, separated into four elegant volumes, and free of all numbers, notes, etc” printed in a typeface custom designed for the project. Greene has made clear that “this is not a fundraiser for an edition that you will be able to order after the campaign” but that the campaign is the only way to get the publication with no “guarantee it will be made available again” (though, honestly, I’d bet he gets a number of offers from publishers).

“The literature of the Bible was experienced by its ancient audiences as pure literary art—written or oral—with none of the encyclopedic conventions we are accustomed to today (chapter divisions, verse numbers, notes, cross references, etc.). Furthermore, the texts were appreciated as individual works of literature, which gradually accumulated into what we recognize as the biblical anthology (Biblia, meaning Books). It wasn’t until the middle ages that navigational conventions were added and the many texts were combined into a single volume (The Bible, meaning The Book, singular).

Today, our contemporary bibles are ubiquitously dense, numerical and encyclopedic in format; very different from how we experience other classic & foundational literature, and completely foreign to how the original authors conceived of their work.

By separating the text into several volumes, and by applying classic & elegant typography, Bibliotheca is meant to provide a fresh alternative to the reader who wants to enjoy the biblical library anew, as great literary art.”

Adam Lewis Greene Bibliotheca crowdfunding effort