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It took a lot of time and I thought of quitting a few times, but I am not one to admit defeat. I steadily persevered. It is what we do, as Magicians. I meditated. I evaluated the reason behind everything I did. I refused to do that which was not in line with my new path: work for work’s sake.

Soror Beth Shemesh (Beth Kimbell), TMI or Karma Yoga: A Fool’s Journey

Hermetic quote Kimbell TMI Karma Yoga A Fool's Journey time quitting not admit defeat persevered magicians meditated evaluated reason refused not in line new path work for work's sake

All modern ideologies are immense machines that justify and legitimate conflicts that in our time could put an end to humanity. The whole madness of the human being is there. If it is not possible to admit to the madness of human conflict today, it will never be possible.

René Girard, Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World

Hermetic quote Girard Hidden conflict