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C. Agrippa here adds the following instructions, copied from Boethius:—”The guides on the road to perfection are Faith, Hope, and Charity, and the means to attain this object are Purity, Temperance, Self-control, Chastity, Tranquility of Mind, Contemplation, Adoration (Ecstasy), Aspiration, and Virtue.”

Franz Hartmann, In The Pronaos of The Temple of Wisdom

Hermetic quote Hartmann In the Pronaos of the Temple of Wisdom Agrippa Boethius faith hope charity purity temperance self-control chastity tranquility of mind contemplation adoration ecstasy aspiration virtue

A Ka Dua

Hello Crowley, originally uploaded by Kyla Dawn Clay.


“A little melody for the Adoration the A Ka Dua Mantra”


The Hermetic Library visual pool is a visual scavenger hunt for images of a living Western Esoteric Tradition.

Images of your ritual or ritual space, images of sigils or tools, showing off your own library or special volume from the restricted stacks, sacred spaces and places, esoteric artefacts and installations, inspired paintings and people — these and much more are part of the culture and practice of magick.

William Blake and the Imagination in Ideas of Good and Evil by William Butler Yeats.

“The joy of woman is the death of her beloved,

Who dies for love of her,

In torments of fierce jealousy and pangs of adoration.

The lover’s night bears on my song,

And the nine spheres rejoice beneath my powerful control.” [via]