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Into The Depth

Into The Depth” is a track added by Aiko Aiko in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“In the end
you may find yourself


Carl Jung’s Dream

In the summer of 1909, while lecturing together Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud spent long hours talking and working on each other’s dreams. What follows is an excerpt from Jung: a Very Short Introduction by Anthony Stevens:

He dreamt that he was on the top floor of an old house, well furnished and with fine paintings on the walls. He marvelled that this should be his house and thought “not bad” but then it occurred to him that he had no idea what the lower floor was like, so he went down to see. There, everything was much older. The furnishings were medieval and everything was rather dark. He thought “now I really must explore the whole house.” He looked closely at the floor. It was made of stone slabs, and in one of these he discovered a ring. When he pulled it the slab lifted and he saw some narrow stone steps leading down into the depths. He went down and entered a low cave cut out of the rock. Bones and broken pottery were scattered about in the dust. the remains of a primitive culture. and he found two human skulls, obviously very old and half disintegrated. Then he awoke.

All that interested Freud about this dream was the possible identity of the skulls. He wanted Jung to say who they belonged to, for it seemed evident to him that Jung must harbor a death wish against their owners. Jung felt this was completely beside the point, but as was habitual with him at that stage in the relationship, he kept his doubts to himself.

To Jung the house was an image of the psyche. The room on the upper floor repressed his conscious personality. The ground floor stood for the first level of the unconscious, which he was to call “the personal unconscious”. While in the deepest level of all he reached the collective unconscious. There he discovered the world of the primitive man, within himself. To him the skulls had nothing to do with death wishes. They belonged to our human ancestors, who helped shape the common psychic heritage of us all.


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