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A Slightly Overdue Book

Hermetic Library fellow Colin Campbell has admitted to being a bad, but slightly reformed, library patron on his blog at “A Slightly Overdue Book“.

“Over the last weekend, I found myself traveling to my alma mater for the first time in a long time, and brought the book along to finally return it – sixteen years overdue. I informed the head librarian that I had to return an overdue book, which did not seem to phase him, then told him how overdue. After a pause of consideration, he laughed and became interested in the book itself. I told him a bit of the provenance, and while he did not once suggest there was going to be a late fee, I did offer a signed copy of my last book The Offices of Spirits as compensation for having it out so long. He noted that he would repair some of the binding of the Treatise and include it in their special collections going forward.” [via]