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“It’s Chung Fu,” Juliana said. “Inner Truth. I know without using the chart, too. And I know what it means.” Raising his head, Hawthorne scrutinized her. He had now an almost savage expression. “It means, does it, that my book is true?” “Yes,” she said. With anger he said, “Germany and Japan lost the war.” “Yes.”

Philip K Dick, The Man in the High Castle [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher, Local Library]

Hermetic quote Dick The Man in the High Castle chung fu inner truth i know what it means true yes

Time Samplers

Time Samplers from Paranoid American is a comic that may be of interest, written by David Pinckney, Erik Koconis, Thomas Gorence, and Nicolas Colacitti. Colacitti is also the artist.

Time Samplers, Issue 1, cover

“Two popular underground musicians (Lex & Cal) modify their electronic instruments and gear, allowing them to recreate any event in history. Through a combination of music, technology, particle theory, altered states, and a bit of the old ultra-violence, they begin to unravel the ugly truths of recorded history – proving that many ‘conspiracy theories’ are fact.”

“This project aims to make alternative history more accessible through interactive graphic novels, games, and more. The stories cover ongoing research into secret societies, mind control, government cover-ups, and corruption from both past and present, with each adventure reflecting a different conspiracy-theory corresponding to actual research.” [via]

Time Samplers, Issue 1, sample page