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Aleister Crowley, Lam and the Amalantrah Working mentioned in an interview with Brian Butler

Aleister Crowley, Lam and the Amalantrah Working mentioned in “MAGICKAL STORIES – LAM” an interview with Brian Bulter, a continuation from MAGICKAL STORIES – THE EXÚ.

“When Aleister Crowley was living in New York, doing various magickal experiments in a place on West 9th, he did what’s called the Amalantrah Working. It’s theorized this process created a deliberate channel in ephemeral cosmic influences so that extra-dimensional entities could enter our universe. In short, he likely created a portal for what we know as gray aliens to come visit us.

Eventually Crowley made contact with an entity known as Lam and drew its portrait, and damn if it doesn’t look like the pictures we see of Grays now. (Incidentally, ‘lam’ is the mantra linked to the root chakra, which is associated with survival.) This was around 1917. While there are possibly ancient accounts of extra-terrestrial visitations in other parts of the world, this was one of the first-known Grays to have popped into Western consciousness, although Crowley didn’t explicitly say this.

Crowley introduced Lam for the first time in his commentary on the Voice of the Silence by Theosophy founder Madame Blavatsky. Founded or not, he basically tears that classic to shreds without ever really explaining why he started it off with his portrait of Lam. Since then, Lam’s been expounded on by a writer named Kenneth Grant who knew Crowley personally and is his acknowledged successor.

When we last left off in our Magickal Stories with Brian Butler, he talked about how his demon-worship experience in Brazil culminated in a Lam visitation. Let’s pick up where we left off…”