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no man may be individually happy in a society in which there prevails, as today, turmoil, war, or economic oppression. We are too closely knit together. The pains of one part of society are bound to affect us all, just as the pain of one of our organs affects the harmony of our whole being.

Ralph M Lewis, The Conscious Interlude [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher, Local Library]

Hermetic quote Lewis Conscious Interlude no man individually happy society turmoil war economic oppression pains one affect all harmony whole

AMORC altar set

Recently I found this interesting set of AMORC altar equipment, two candleholders and an hermetic cross, and picked it up thinking that someone I know would be interested in having it. These already found a nice home, but I wanted to share. They’re funky and cool, you know?

One of the candleholders has a little chip and is oddly angled, but otherwise these are pretty spiffy.

The old AMORC catalog I have from the 90s lists each of these items, in the member’s only section, at around $50 for the set.