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The Guardian

Annecy International Film Festival 2015 – Official Selection / Arizona Film Festival 2015 – Official Selection / CIFF 2015 – Royal Reel Award – 2015 / River Film Festival 2015 – Official Selection / SPARK Animation 2015 – Official Selection

Making-of: vimeo.com/138529831
Trailer: vimeo.com/117678482

The Guardian

The Guardian is a free interpretation of the parable “Before the Law” from Kafka’s book “The Trial”. A peasant after traveling the world arrives in front of a gate, controlled by a fearsome Guardian. The peasant tries to pass through but the Guardian denies him entrance. Peasant and Guardian are the same character, the peasant, like each one of us, in front of his own fear; the guardian, something shapeless, that surround and control him.
the Door/Gate the possibilities we encounter during our life.


N9ve – n9ve.it

Alessandro Novelli

Alessandro Novelli
Victor Perez
Andrea Gendusa

Illustration and Design:
Alessandro Novelli
Karolina Pospischil vimeo.com/thepospischil
Andrea Gendusa vimeo.com/user37850011

Victor Perez – Character Animator, 3D Modeling
Alessandro Novelli – 3D modeling, 3D animation
Gabriele Maiocco – 3D heads modeling and Zbrush artist gabrielemaiocco.com/
Andrea Gendusa – 3D modeling, 3D animation vimeo.com/user37850011

Original Music:
Simon Smith bcnsound.com
Sasha Agranov selvademar.com

Voice Over:
Luis De Velasco

Sasha Agranov selvademar.com

Music Recording and Mixing:
Eric Nagel – at BCNSound – BCN – bcnsound.com

Voice Over recording:
Juan José Rodriguez – at Abuela Records – MX

Yves Roussel

Many thanks to:
Leandra Boj cargocollective.com/leandraboj
Rafael Mayani rafaelmayani.com/
Xavier Sanchez xave.es
and Karolina Pospischil vimeo.com/thepospischil
for their posters.

Special Thanks to:
Simon, Sasha and BCNsound (bcnsound.com) , Laura Sans Gassó, Ana Isabella Byrne Bellorín, Mariana Perfeito, Luis De Velasco

The Guardian is a video from N9VE in the Hermetic Library video pool.

to a lost memory

“I know you are not going to be there waiting for me. I’m not imagining that you are searching for me, because I’m not searching for you. I’m not still searching for you … am I?”

to a lost memory” by Skyler Brown, an animated short, voice by Kat Altman, music by A Silver Mt Zion (“For Wanda“)

The Saga of Biorn

The Saga Of Biorn from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

“The Saga Biorn” is a 2011 animated short by Benjamin J Kousholt, Daniel D Christensen, Mads Lundgaard Christensen, Jesper A Jensen, Jonas K Doctor, Steffen Lyhne, Pernille Ørum-Nielsen, Frederik Bjerre-Poulsen, Jonas Georgakakis from The Animation Workshop.

“Biôrn, an old Viking, is determined to reach Valhalla, the warrior’s afterlife full of excessive drinking and debauchery. To gain entry he has to die honorably in battle, but he discovers that the right death isn’t so easy.”


S L E E P from Tony Unser on Vimeo.

“A girl falls into her own subconscious after taking self destructive actions.
Music by: Luke Morin & Melanie Carroll-Dolci
Final Sound Mix: Benjamin Huff”