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Johannite Religious Education online course starting Oct 31st, 2013

Tony Silvia and the Parish of Saint Martin AJC (based in New York City) is offering Johannite Religious Education, a course of 6 classes, beginning on Oct 31st, 2013 and running through mid-December. The course will be conducted via Google Hangouts and there is a very small number of openings available. Tony mentions in a post on the event site that the course “is primarily aimed at people who know little or nothing about the AJC or for those who are planning to join the Church.”

“The Parish of Saint Martin, AJC is pleased to announce a course of Johannite Religious Education, presented by the rector, Fr. Tony Silvia.

This course will run for 6 (non-consecutive) Thursday evenings as follows:
– October 31st
– November 7th
– November 21st
– December 5th
– December 12th
– December 19th

All classes will be from 8:00 – 9:30 PM Eastern US Time.

The Religious Education course is designed for those who want to know more about Johannite spirituality, either out of curiosity or if you intend to join the AJC. No commitment to the AJC in any form will be required or expected, this course is simply informational.

Space is limited, so please only register for this event if you are willing and able to attend all six classes.” [via]

Sanctuary of the Sacred Flame

Sanctuary of the Sacred Flame: A Guide to Johannite Spiritual Practice by Anthony Silvia, of GnosticNYC‘s Talk Gnosis, is a new work that may be of interest.

Anthology Silvia's Sanctuary of the Sacred Flame

“Spiritual practice is essential to the Johannite tradition, and this book will show you how to begin. Using the framework of the Logos Service, the quintessential Johannite practice, you will learn the basic techniques of many different types of prayer, meditation, contemplation, asceticism, and esoteric practice from a Johannite perspective. Whether you attend mass regularly at a Johannite parish, or if you live far from one, you will find a practice or two that will help guide you on the path to Gnosis.” [via]