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Two weeks until the Postal Potlatch participation deadline on Apr 1st

Just two weeks are left until the Eclectic, Esoteric Postal Potlatch participation deadline on April 1st for people to get me things that I’ll send out shortly thereafter to participants, and to get on board as either a supporter or subscribing supporter for extra fun.

Eclectic Esoteric Postal Potlatch

Here’s the simplest explanation of what I’m thinking: If people send me things then I’ll send them things. What arrives and what is sent would be up to those involved. I would never sell or reveal the participant list, but would use addresses of participants to merely to send occasional envelopes or packages as part of announced Postal Potlatch events. There would be two ways to get on the participant list, but this would be completely open to individuals, music groups, publishers, and so on:

  • First, and simplest, is to send something in; For those sending things in, something reciprocal would be sent in return, so include a SASE I can fill with equivalent but different things.
  • Second, and really great, is to become a supporter of the library. For one-time supporters, depending on how much postage their donation reasonably allowed beyond helping with hosting the site, other expenses, & c., I will send a package as part of the next announced Postal Potlatch event. For supporters who subscribe, I will also occasionally and irregularly send something else fun from the supplies donated and gathered. (Being a subscribing supporter also includes other great benefits, such as gratis codes for digital downloads of new Hermetic Library Albums!)

Head over to the Postal Potlatch page for the current mailing address you can use to send things, if you want to participate; or where, you know, you can send stuff even if you don’t want to get something in return. Let’s have some fun!