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Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches by Charles Godfrey Leland, newly translated by Mario Pazzaglini and Dina Pazzaglini, with additional material from Chas S Clifton, Robert Mathiesen, and Robert E Chartowich, with foreword by Stewart Farrar, a 1999 paperback from Phoenix Publishing, is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

Charles G Leland et al Aradia from Phoenix press

“When Charles Godfrey Leland published Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches at the end of the nineteenth century as the crowning product of his Italian researches of the 1880s and 1890s, he believed he was preserving what remained of an ancient but dying tradition before it was too late. he could not have known that in so doing he was providing one of the key source-books which would inspire a vigorous revival of that tradition half a century after his death. Had he been able to foresee it, he would have been astonished, probably amused, and almost certainly gratified; for in spite of the occasional Victorian caution with which he expressed himself, his research was clearly a labor of love.

This expanded edition features contributions by several eminent authorities:

Mario Pazzaglini, PhD, whose family origins on both sides are deeply rooted in the area where Aradia originated, has spent 25 years working on this new translation. He gives line-by-line transcription showing where Leland made his original errors as a result of his lack of comprehension of the dialect of the area. The new translation is then presented in the same format as the original edition (which is included here as well), Mario’s research notes are also included.

Chas Clifton has been studying witchcraft and the occult for over 25 years. He teaches at the University of Colorado and has a long list of published books to his name, including: Iron Mountain: A Journal of Magical Religion, The Modern Rites of Passage, Witchcraft and Shamanism, and Sacred Mask, Sacred Dance. He discusses the significance of Aradia on the revival of modern witchcraft.

Robert Mathieson [sic], PhD, has been a member of the faculty of Brown University for over 30 years. During the last decade most of his research has been on the historical development of magical theories and practices from the Middle Ages to the present. He writes on the origins of Aradia, including the culture and religion of the area, as well as the difficulties involved in retranslating the book.

Stewart Farrar is a professional journalist and author of many books on the occult including The Witches’ Goddess, The Pagan Path, Spells and How They Work and The Witches’ Way. He regularly appears on television and radio and has been featured in a film on witchcraft.” — back cover

The Witchcraft of Dame Darrel of York

Weiser Antiquarian recently sent out an email about a special facsimile edition from the first publication of Charles G. Leland’s The Witchcraft of Dame Darrel of York.

“This slip-cased issue of the First Edition is limited to 400 copies, signed & numbered by Robert Mathiesen on a special publisher’s bookplate.

“The Witchcraft of Dame Darrel of York” purports to be the full account of the Witchcraft practiced in medieval England. In truth, Dame Darrel was an imaginative recreation of how witchcraft was practiced in medieval England. Based on Leland’s years of prodigious research, the structure of this work leaves room for readers to create their own practice rooted in tradition, yet responsive to twentieth century needs and sensibilities. “It could be said that “The Witchcraft of Dame Darrel of York” seeks to do for British folk-magic traditions what “Aradia” did for the Tuscan.”

Help kickstart Rik Garrett’s Earth Magic solo exhibit in London

Hermetic Library visual pool contributor Rik Garrett has recently started a kickstarter campaign for a solo exhibit in London of his Earth Magic series. You may be interested in helping get this going.

“I’ve called Earth Magic my ‘witch’ project, as I’ve been inspired by a lot of the old literature regarding witchcraft – books such as Compendium Maleficarum and Malleus Malificarum. With Earth Magic I’ve envisioned a matristic, nature based world; a female-centric, ritualistic community completely apart from the rest of society. This is a history of ‘witchcraft’ devoid of ‘witch hunts,’ a race of women who draw their energy and inspiration from the Earth itself. What if there were a truth to the myths of Amazons and the books like Aradia, Gospel of the Witches? What if these truths were presented faithfully? “

Earth Magic - help me put together a solo exhibition in London!

“A London art gallery has graciously invited me to have a solo exhibit of my photographs, on one condition: I have to attend the reception. In addition, I have a lot of artwork to finish in order to have a great exhibition, so here I am on Kickstarter trying to make it all work.

The gallery would like me to show my body of work called Earth Magic. This is a series of photographs taken with the wet plate collodion process – the photographic negative is a piece of glass treated to be sensitive to light. It’s a long, labor intensive process that lends the series its unique look. “