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PANdemic II (The Emergence)

PANdemic II (The Emergence) ft Ashley Apollodor

This one starts out as an ambient, spacey hand pan drum groove and morphs into a huge experimental dance jam featuring the sweet vocals of Ashley Apollodor.

Kevlar Nuckler is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer known mostly for his guitar work and vocals in Mars Cantina and Ophwurld and bass and vocals with George Orwell Experience. This is his solo recording project.

Kevlar Nuckler produced and performed all guitar and keyboard parts and incorporated Ashley Apollodor’s accapella piece discovered on SampleSwap.

Everything around me became suddenly unreal
Everything around me became suddenly unreal
as if in a dream unreal as if in a dream

Do you feel it?

With my purple pill
With my purple pill
With my purple pill I’m never alone

Do you? Do you feel it?

Your Heart At Mind By Ashley Apollodor:

Breathe in the air 5x

Breathe the air
Feel the energy is there
Expand your mind to see the light
I promise that this is only in the night
Let go of your thoughts
Listen to your heart
It’s the key to what’s within
Not everything’s a sin
You know what’s right
Don’t be so tight
Just do your life
With your heart at mind
All the time

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