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Ovum Gnosis

Ovum Gnosis” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

A fragment from JN Session – January 15 2015


Max Abelev – laptop
Colin Hamilton – viola, violin, vocals
Keith Yates – Kaos pad, keyboard, clarinet, zylophone
Tyler Hiebeck – pluribus node controller, vocals, noisemakers
Otto Gnomik – Buchla Music Easel
Etanna Zak – Kaos pad, keyboard, vocals
Lydia Harari – Kaos pad, keyboard, pluribus node controller, vocals
Juan Carlos Mendizabal aka Kyron – piano, electronics, mixing, deconstructing


As millions of people now know
although it has been barely reported
the twins were raised in Texas,
among a UFO worshipping cult founded by their father.
They set up their first laboratory inside a ramshackle trailer.
They were used to life on the outskirts of the mainstream.

Progress occurred even quicker than the twins could have predicted.
They began making discoveries.
They hooked subjects up to computers and charted their brain waves.
They introduced a series of fractal equations that led to cognitive chaos.
By experimenting with sex, drugs, and other mind wave manipulators,
the twins learned how to control the chaos
through a bizarre device that came to be known as “The Egg.”

The development of ovular technology led to a sudden increase of access points
where the spheres met between our ordered reality and the primal chaos.
The twins believed that they possessed the spells
to bind and chain the ovular forces without danger.
“The names and attendant symbolism are not that important,” says X.
“they are but facets of the same process.”
But it must be noted, the names of the ovums form the fabric of our reality.

When The Egg was first activated, twin X and the device itself disappeared.
Moments later they rematerialized.
The scene was less than a mile away
in the parking lot of the local Best Buy.
X. called his brother Y. and said:
“Come and get me. I’m at Best Buy.”
The boy claimed that he had traveled to the dimension next door to ours
where the primordial ovums stir in death’s dream.
This was the first opening of The Gate.

We ask Y. if his father knows
that the gateways have been opened.
“We don’t want him to,” says Y.
“We don’t want him to know they exist.
He is still searching for aliens and UFOs.
There’s no point in disturbing him.”

Evocation of ovumic energies into one’s own space-time lattice is a dangerous enterprise.
The evolution of all entities within the biosphere has now been affected.
The Gates are leaking ovular material into the atmosphere.
Ovum Gnosis is the name we have given to this unpredictable evolution.
Magicians and other visionaries
who are aware of Ovum Gnosis and its effects
are now actively working to transport themselves and all of their possessions
into an alternate dimension.

Instead of fleeing outward, they will flee inter-dimensionally.
In this dimension they seek humankind does not exist.
As millions of people now know
Ovum Gnosis is now irreversible.