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I’d come to live as a human, to experience all the human traditions. And spending many a beautiful afternoon cooped up at the library service desk in order to make sure a bunch of middle schoolers weren’t playing dirty dating sims on the computers apparently counted as one.

B L Lacertae, DORIANA: Succubus At Large! [Amazon]

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“Wow, Dory – a succubus, really?” I hear you, the reader, coo at your device. “That’s exotic and exciting! And hot!” Yeah, yeah, cool down already.

B L Lacertae, DORIANA: Succubus At Large!

Just your average bespectacled, curvy six-foot tall librarian with a mean smile and a meaner tat of an orchid mantis snaking up her right shoulder.

B. L. Lacertae, DORIANA: Succubus At Large!

Doriana: Succubus at Large!

The librarian John Griogair Bell reviews Doriana: Succubus at Large! by B L Lacertae.

B L Lacertae Doriana

B L Lacertae’s Doriana is a sequence of three shorter stories about a succubus on vacation, undercover as a librarian, who accidentally becomes a dominatrix for kicks … as one does. I loved the worldbuilding, snarky tone of the main and diabolical character as narrator, and occasional self-aware self-deprecation breaking the fourth wall. Most of that was in the first part, and I could almost recommend stopping there. The second part was almost entirely simple erotica with barely any of the fun narrative frame. The third part finally warmed up to a welcome return to the narrative frame of the main character, and a suitable escalation. A quick and dirty quickly dirty read, with a fun and funny framing story that was the actual worthy part in and of itself.

I made 33 highlights. I didn’t keep track of errors, but there were some.