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Alchemical Configuration

Alchemical Configuration-By VJ PsyScottic from VJ PsyScottic (Geomagnetic Rec) on Vimeo.


“Unmanifest manifest. Manifest unmanifest.” [via]


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New Ritual of the Hexagram

A reader of the site sent in this personal ritual inspired by some of the material he read at the site, and with permission I thought I’d share it with you:

“New Ritual of the Hexagram
by Brachium Osiris

I recently read the article entitled The New Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram by Michael Osiris Snuffin on Hermetic.com. As I was reading how Snuffin changed the Divine Names and Pentagrams, that drove me to re-write the BRH. The only changes I make are in the order of drawing the hexagrams as well as in the analysis of the keyword.

Perform the NBRP.

Analysis of the keyword

Standing in the East, say the following letters (Visualize the Hebrew letters in front of you in flaming white light): I.N.R.I, Yod, Nun, Resh, Yod

(Make the sign of Isis Mourning) Virgo, Isis, Mighty Mother
(Sign of Apophis and Typhon) Scorpio, Apophis, Destroyer
Sol, Osiris, Slain (Sign of Osiris Slain) and Risen (Sign of Osiris Risen)
(Make the sign of Osiris Slain, gradually raising arms until you reach the sign of Apophis and Typhon) Isis, Apophis, Osiris, (Vibrate) IAO
L.V.X.( give signs) Lux, the light of the cross.

Trace Air Hexagram and Vibrate ARARITA

Repeat with Fire Hexagram in the South, Water Hexagram in the West, and Earth Hexagram in the North.

Return to center and draw Holy Hexagram above and below you, Vibrating IAO each time.


The reason I made changes in the order of drawing the elemental hexagrams is because I felt that it helps to properly banish or invoke the elemental forces. The Hexagrams in the center are to create a ‘bubble’ if you will of space in which to work.”