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Dandelion Wine

the band in Heaven – “Dandelion Wine” from ∆∆∆ on Vimeo.


This video for “Dandelion Wine” by the band in Heaven, a track from Caught in a Summer Swell, their upcoming release due in September, is directed by Jacques de Beaufort.

Jacques wrote me saying this is a “music video I made for a local band. It’s gets pretty pagan in the middle or so. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it means. My mom said ‘I don’t believe in Human Sacrifice Jacques’ which is funny because she’s a christian.”

This music video is getting a lot of great press, with the video on YouTube already having over 10,000 views, and all for good reason.

This is a great song, and the video has a fantastic retelling of an ancient, but timeless and raucous, bacchanalian story that reminds me of elements of Donna Tartt’s The Secret History, the 2nd season of True Blood, and that really popular DIONYSUS video from 2011.

With lyrics that speak about the sights and sounds of a Summer sun that sets, this summer is definitely both luscious and dangerous. A video about a social gathering that turns into an outdoor pagan orgia of ritual and dancing around Beltane fires, this seems to be pretty close to a perfect storm captured in one music video for someone like myself. Hey, there’s even a cameo by both the Horse Head Mask and the black egg from Jacques de Beaufort’s earlier Sanctum and Sacrum, so how can you resist watching now?

And, now I totally know what I’m doing next Summer.


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