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Ya know what? I’m human. I piss, I shit, I fart and belch and vomit when I get sick. I fuck, and I bleed from my crotch once a month like most bio-females my age. Furthermore, I have a bad temper, strong opinions and a bad habit of putting my foot in my mouth at inopportune times. And you know what? I’m not going to pretend those things aren’t as much a part of me along with the intelligence, perseverance, love of talking shop, and pure sexiness, just so I can create a wholly positive image.

I refuse to feed the image egregore by being anything other than what I am.

lupa, Get me off this damned pedestal!

Hermetic quote lupa Key23 Get Me Off This Damned Pedestal refuse feed image egregore being anything other i am

To all the monsters hiding in this world, I hope the children will skin you alive. To the children in the world, let no one say you can’t make your monsters bleed.

—Cassandra Khaw, Hammers on Bone

Hermetic quote Khaw Hammers bleed