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Non-Consensual Sexual Conduct

Hermetic Library fellow Sabazius has posted on his blog a reminder about United States Grand Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis, policy about “Non-Consensual Sexual Conduct“.

“The time has come for a reminder that U.S.G.L. does not tolerate rape or any form of non-consensual sexual conduct or sexual harassment by or upon its members.” [via]

“As a Local Body, as a Grand Lodge, as an Order, we need to be united in the goal of creating and nurturing an environment where free relations between our brothers and sisters can be enjoyed without fear.” [via]


Update 2012sep11 @ 11:11a:

Sabazius has posted a follow-up to this in another post at “Follow-up on Last Post: Dealing with Violence” which may be of further interest.

“Since my last post, I have received several reports from women who have been subjected to violence within some kind of an O.T.O. context in the past. One of these women told me that she had been in touch with several other sisters who never reported their mistreatment, and saw no reason to now because their attackers were no longer active members. Others reported that when they attempted to discuss their troubles with their brothers and sisters, attempts were made to either ignore or excuse the bad behavior, occasionally offering such quotes as ‘There is no guilt’ as if that were an excuse for assaulting someone. This is simply unacceptable.” [via]