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Current and upcoming events for the Hermetic Library Calendar.

Healing as Empaths — January 29, 2023, Online

Healing as Empaths: From Limitation to Liberation with Jane Novak presented by College of Psychic Studies, January 29, 2023, Online

Hermetic Library Calendar Healing as Empaths Jan 2023

“Healing as Empaths: From Limitation to Liberation

Jane Novak

Sunday 29th January 2023: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm (UK Time)

Sensitive people and empaths are the most emotionally perceptive people. They connect with others deeply. Their sensitivity allows them to truly sense the nature of oneness, one consciousness.

However, it can be a significant challenge to navigate the noisy world, bombarded with stimuli and information overload. Our sensitivity can become a hindrance, rather than a true gift that can support our sense of peace and oneness.

Realisation of our true nature is a direct path to peace. As empaths and sensitives, we can use our gift of perception to recognise and truly embody this. This realisation can help us overcome challenges and live in true happiness, unencumbered by the world that constantly challenges us.

It is truly a gift when we find peace and live in harmony and balance, no matter what is happening around us. This livestream workshop will support you in coming home to that peace.

This workshop includes:
· Meditation to feel peace.
· The revelation of your true nature.
· Liberation from negative programming.
·How to live a peace-filled life as a highly sensitive person.
·Processing uncomfortable emotions and releasing them for good.

If you are a highly sensitive person or an empath, you are invited into this safe, inclusive space to realise how gifted you truly are. Come and realise the true power of your gift.”