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Current and upcoming events for the Hermetic Library Calendar. Read more about the Hermetic Library Calendar, and if you’ve got something, send it as a submission. Also, you can look for events happening in your city and country by viewing posts tagged with specific locations.

The Divinatory Art of Geomancy — starting February 7, 2024, online

The Divinatory Art of Geomancy, with Paul Wood, hosted by The College of Psychic Studies, 8 weeks starting February 7, 2024, online.

Hermetic Library Calendar the Divinatory Art of Geomancy Starting 7feb2024 Online

“The Divinatory Art of Geomancy: An Introduction
Paul Wood

Starts: Wednesday 7th February 2024 : 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (UK Time)

8 sessions
2 hours per session
Online Course
Level: Open to all

In this 8-week livestream course, you will embark on a captivating journey into geomancy – a divination art that interprets marks and symbols for guidance.

Geomancy interprets the arrangement of symbols and figures, created through various techniques such as making marks in sand. By studying the pattern of these marks, you can unveil the answers to a wide range of questions. Geomancy has been renowned for its ability to reveal hidden truths about relationships, health, career prospects, and even uncover the whereabouts of buried treasures.

This method of divination strikes a remarkable balance between simplicity and intricate depth, making it accessible for beginners while offering profound mastery for those who delve further. Over the course of this eight week course, you will develop your ability to use geomancy as a powerful tool for guidance, personal empowerment, and spiritual growth.

Rooted in the belief that the Earth is a living entity with its own wisdom, geomancy was once a tremendously popular form of divination, second only to astrology. Through its history, geomancy has been deeply influenced by astrological methods, earning it the affectionate title of “Astrology’s little sister”. Regrettably, the practice experienced a decline during the industrial revolution as tastes and fashions changed.

What sets geomancy apart is its remarkable versatility – it can be performed without the need for elaborate tools and is accessible from any location. In moments when extra guidance is sought, geomancy acts as a profound way to access the Earth’s ancient wisdom, allowing individuals to make well-informed decisions and navigate their life’s journey with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

Throughout this course, a balanced blend of theory, practical exercises, and spiritual development will equip participants with the skills to cast and interpret geomantic figures, patterns, and charts. You will start your journey in using geomancy readings for yourself and others, offering valuable guidance and much-needed clarity when navigating life’s challenges.”

WitchCon Online — February 16–18, 2024, Online

WitchCon, presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day and the HEX Education Network, February 16–18, 2024, online. Presenters include, non-exhaustively, Caroline Tully, Angela Puca, John Opsopaus, Laurie Cabot, Oberon Zell, Rachel True, and a lot more.

Hermetic Library Calendar Witchcon February 16-18 2024 Online

“Bring the Magic to You!

February 16 to 18, 2024, join the world’s largest livestream magical conference, featuring over 100 Witches and Conjurers from across the globe! Attend your favorite classes live, then watch all sessions on-demand whenever you like!

Watch Classes Live and Then Watch On-Demand Whenever You Want!

February 16 to 18, 2024, Brian Cain, Christian Day and the HEX Education Network present WitchCon Online, featuring classes by over 100 Witches and Conjurers from across the globe ready to share their time-honored wisdom and witchery with beginners and advanced practitioners alike!

WitchCon Online presenters are the preeminent masters of the magical arts and hail from across a rainbow spectrum of occult and spiritual practices.

Registration is limited to 1,000 attendees and includes all live video classes, rituals, and performances, as well as access to recordings of every class after the event has ended via our on-demand library so you won’t miss a single magical moment!

Attendees and fans will love live shopping in our Virtual Vendorium, featuring powerful ritual tools, signed books, exquisite jewelry, and handmade spellcrafts!

Our WitchCon Meetup lets attendees, fans, and presenters chat live on Zoom!

WitchCon Online is livestreamed on the Hex Education Network on Crowdcast, a web-based platform with no need to download an app!”

Viridis Genii Symposium — June 27–July 1, 2024, Olympia, WA, US

The 9th annual Viridis Genii Symposium, June 27–July 1, 2024, in-person, near Olympia, WA, US. Line-up has been announced. Register to attend.

Hermetic Library Calendar Viridis Genii Symposium 27june-1jul2024 Olympia WA US

“2024 Viridis Genii Symposium

JUNE 27th thru July 1st 2024

Join us for the 9th Annual VGS retreat hosting lectures & hands-on workshops about the ethnobotany of plant magic, and more!”

“~Plant Magic, Mysticism, and Medicine~

THERE ARE MANY herbal conferences around the world that mainly focus on the clinical, holistic and natural herbalist facets and idealisms of herbalism. Some of these conferences touch upon folk magic and herbal esotericism from time to time, but we feel there is a greater need for a symposium more focused on herbal magic. The genii of plants have spread their roots throughout all cultures in one-way or another. There is an increasing rise in both folklore and esoteric knowledge for working with plants. Our goal is to be the first to offer a holistic multidisciplinary and multicultural awareness and approach to the study of plants from the perspective of magic. Plant magic is the Axis Mundi that our symposium revolves around and is the focus thereof. Our deeply held intention with the manifestation of this symposium is to offer the opportunity for presenters and participants to look at and discuss the hidden world of herbalism from a more in depth exploration into the green mysteries.”

“What can you expect to learn about?

IN THIS SYMPOSIUM we invoke those called to do the great work of the green spirit. The Viridis Genii calls upon those who seek the secret knowledge of the green world. Through myth, folklore, mystic and spiritual medicine traditions and above all those who wish to connect to the Viridis Arcanum — the hidden and revealed mysteries of the green arte. We invite practitioners from an array of disciplines to discuss, share and revel in the green mysteries, through art, ritual, lectures and workshops. The symposium will feature presentations and/or workshops by authors, scholars, practitioners, and artists who are researching or working in herbal esoteric currents. Topics or workshops may include but are not limited to the following: Herbal Alchemy, Wortcunning, Ethnobotany and the magical use of plants, Wild crafting with spirit, Herbal Astrology, Medicine with a focus on spiritual herbal practice, Shamanry, Witchcraft, Indigenous Traditional plant wisdom, Entheogen studies, ritual practice, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Lucumi, Palo Mayombe (and other ATR’s). The role of plants in ceremonial magic traditions, Herbal Charms and Talismans, Artists whose main body of work focuses on plants, craft brewing and distilling, and much more.”

Swedenborg’s Lusthus: On Memory and Place — January 29–April 5, 2024, London, UK

Swedenborg’s Lusthus: On Memory and Place, a multi-media exhibit by The Swedenborg Society, January 29–April 5, 2024, London, UK.

Hermetic Library Calendar Swedenborgs Lusthus on Memory and Place 29jan 5apr2024 London UK

“Exhibition: Swedenborg’s Lusthus: On Memory and Place

Event: Exhibition: Swedenborg’s Lusthus: On Memory and Place

Date: 29th January 2024 – 5th April 2024

Time: 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Venue: Swedenborg House Gallery

Price: Free

Artist/S: Showcasing Previously Unseen Items From the Swedenborg Collection Plus Works by Chloe Aridjis, Daniel Birnbaum, Anonymous Bosch, Peter Cartwright, John Christie, S T Coleridge, Mark Riley, Iain Sinclair, Bridget Smith, Emanuel Swedenborg, Ben Wickey, Ken Worpole

Curator/S: Stephen Mcneilly”

“Part reliquary, part sanctum and part tourist attraction, Swedenborg’s lusthus has long been an object of pilgrimage and curiosity.

Built as a wooden retreat at the far end of his garden in Stockholm in 1747 and serving as a focal point for his writing and otherworldly conversations, it has come to stand as an emblematic presence of his visionary legacy for over 250 years.

Described as early as 1766 as ‘a kind of temple, to which he often retired for contemplation’ with ‘dim religious light’ it has since been used as a shed for storage, a hideout for a gang of thieves, a house of repose, the site of musical performances and poetry incantations and also as a filmic backdrop. Today it sits in Skansen, the open-air museum in Stockholm, and has been an inspiration for writers and artists for over 200 years.

Showcasing new works by Bridget Smith, Anonymous Bosch, Mark Riley, Ben Wickey, John Christie, Daniel Birnbaum, Iain Sinclair and others — and in conjunction with previously unseen artefacts on loan from the Center of Swedenborgian Studies in the US — this immersive and multi-media exhibition explores the unique spatial conditions of this enigmatic eighteenth-century building and the broader question of the relationship between place, dwelling and the conditions of our visionary states.”

Total Dick-Head’s Guide to Philip K. Dick — starting January 30, 2024, online

Total Dick-Head’s Guide to Philip K. Dick, with David Gill, presented by Morbid Anatomy, 16 weeks with 32 sessions, starting January 30, 2024, online.

Hermetic Library Omnium Total Dick Heads Guide to Philip K Dick 30jan2024 Online

“Total Dick-Head’s Guide to Philip K. Dick, Taught by Dick Scholar David Gill, Beginning January 30
from $185.00

16 week (32 session) Class Taught on Zoom, with Special Guests

Dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays, January 30 – May 16, 2024
Hours: 7 pm – 9 pm ET
Admission: $185 Patreon Members / $195 general admission

PLEASE NOTE: All classes will be recorded for those who cannot attend live

Welcome to punk rock literary criticism! This ain’t your parents’ Milton seminar. In tribute to its subject, this homespun class will be an irreverent, funny, authentic, flawed, heartfelt, and hopefully deeply affecting 16-week deep dive into the life and work of Philip K. Dick.

Wanna know what made science fiction’s most enigmatic genius tick? Wanna find the hidden autobiography and obscure literary references in his writing? Take a deep dive into the luminous brilliance of Dick’s fiction and the uncanny weirdness of his life with David Gill, a scholar who has studied PKD for more than two decades, and is currently at work on a full-length biography. The class features an all-star roster of Dick-Head guests including novelist Jonathan Lethem, counter culture thinker Erik Davis, PKD biographer Gregg Rickman, PKD friends (novelist) Tim Powers and (“dark-haired girl”) Linda Levy, PKD scholars, Sam Umland, Umberto Rossi, DH Wilson, DE Wittkower (editor of Philip K. Dick and Philosophy), and Gabriel Mckee.

The sixteen-week zoom, 32 session course will look at the author’s biography, including his traumatic infancy, drug use, and mystical experiences. It will also offer close readings of over a dozen novels, multiple biographies, academic articles, and secondary sources. We will take a deep dive into early short stories like “Roog” and “Progeny,” and novels including Eye in the Sky, The Man in the High Castle, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Martian Time-Slip, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Ubik, A Scanner Darkly and Valis.”

Top nine (new) posts on the blog in 2023

I’d previously posted my top nine posts (on Instagram) for 2023, but here’s a round-up of the top nine (new) posts from 2023 according to the blog.

Hermetic Library Best Top Nine New on the Blog 2023

In the top nine was one book review by T Polyphilus, one Arts and Letters poem, two calendar events, three had machine generated images, 4 were specifically about a particular book, and 5 Omnium Gatherum posts! Only the book review (which in particular went wild across several platforms) and Denny Sargent’s presentation appeared on the other top nine list, but the rest are different. By the by, of the top 18 posts, they are split right down the middle, with half being this list of top new posts from 2023 and the other half are older, perennial favourites.

If I were smart, I should post more stuff like those things, probably; but, I won’t do what you tell me!

But, again, like I said at the end of the previous top nine posts for 2023, there’s so much to check out in the entire archive for the year on the blog, and even more if you’ll browse even farther back. The long tail is long, is what I’m saying. There’s a lot of things both on and off the site I talk about over the year, and a wide variety of things that are related to the overall subject matter of the library. I hope you enjoyed all or at least some of the interesting things I’ve shared this last year and I’m already sharing more with you and everyone this new calendar year!

Hermetic Library’s top nine posts (on Instagram) for 2023

I suppose it’s that time of year to check out Hermetic Library’s top nine posts (on Instagram) for 2023! I didn’t do one last year, since I’d tried to leave big social media, then after a hiatus returned. So, now that I’m back, here’s a kinda odd mix of things that people seemed to like, out of all the stuff I posted over the year.

Hermetic Library Top Nine Posts on Instagram for 2023

Three of the top nine were Omnium Gatherum posts about things beyond the library. One was a calendar event. One was a meme. One was a new piece of propaganda from the Office of the Ministry of Information. One was a review by T Polyphilus (and posts about that review in particular went wild across several platforms). One was an Aleister Crowley quote from the corpus of materials at the library. And, one was a new post from the zine.

If I were smart, I should post more stuff like those things, probably; but, I’m a loner, Dottie! A rebel!

But, seriously, there’s so much to check out in the entire archive for the year on the blog. There’s a lot of things both on and off the site I talk about over the year, and a wide variety of things that are related to the overall subject matter of the library. I hope you enjoyed this last year with me, and found things of interest to check out! I’ll look forward to sharing more with you and everyone next calendar year!

Happy December Solstice, 2023!

It’s December Solstice! Winter Solstice, midwinter, in the Northern Hemisphere, an astronomical calendar event, as Sun enters 0° Capricorn (☉ in 0° ♑︎), on Friday, December 22 at 03:28 UTC in 2023. (Thursday, December 21 at 21:28 here at Hermetic Library World HQ.)

The calendar year is quickly coming to a close. I hope for you and yours, and all, well and weal, and more, in this season and beyond!

Hermetic Calendar Dec Winter Solstice Sun in 0 Degrees Capricorn

Hermetic Calendar Dec Winter Solstice

Public Domain Day — January 1, 2024, US, everywhere, and online

Public Domain Day is coming up on January 1, 2024, especially in the US, but also everywhere and online!

Public Domain Day 2024. January 1, 2024 is Public Domain Day: Works from 1928 are open to all, as are sound recordings from 1923!”—”On January 1, 2024, thousands of copyrighted works from 1928 will enter the US public domain, along with sound recordings from 1923. They will be free for all to copy, share, and build upon. This year’s highlights include Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence and The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht, Buster Keaton’s The Cameraman and Cole Porter’s Let’s Do It, and a trove of sound recordings from 1923. And, of course, 2024 marks the long-awaited arrival of Steamboat Willie – featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse – into the public domain. That story is so fascinating, so rich in irony, so rife with misinformation about what you will be able to do with Mickey and Minnie now that they are in the public domain that it deserved its own article, ‘Mickey, Disney, and the Public Domain: a 95-year Love Triangle.'” “Here is just a handful of the works that will be in the US public domain in 2024.”

Hermetic Library Calendar Public Domain Day 1jan2024 Us Everywhere Online

Mickey, Disney, and the Public Domain: a 95-year Love Triangle“—”On January 1, 2024, after almost a century of copyright protection, Mickey Mouse, or at least a version of Mickey Mouse, will enter the public domain. The first movies in which the iconic mouse appeared – Steamboat Willie and the silent version of Plane Crazy­ – were made in 1928 and works from that year go into the public domain in the United States on New Year’s Day 2024. The public domain has had some famous recent arrivals, but this is the most anticipated entry yet. Why? It is not simply that Mickey is a famous copyrighted character. So are Sherlock Holmes and Winnie the Pooh, and while they entered the public domain with some fanfare, it paled in comparison to this event. I’d like to offer a tentative answer. The reason that this event gathers so much attention is that it is the story of a 95-year-old love triangle, a tangled drama that rivals any Disney movie for twists and turns. The protagonists are Mickey, Disney and the Public Domain, and their relationship positively exemplifies the social media weasel-words ‘it’s complicated.'”

Weird Tales from the Public Domain: Freeing Culture from Corporate Captivity“—”Join us for a virtual celebration at 10am PT / 1pm ET on January 25, 2024, with an amazing lineup of academics, librarians, musicians, artists and advocates coming together to help illuminate the significance of this new class of works entering the public domain!”

What Will Enter the Public Domain in 2024?“—”At the start of each year, on January 1st, a new crop of works enter the public domain and become free to enjoy, share, and reuse for any purpose. Due to differing copyright laws around the world, there is no one single public domain — and here we focus on three of the most prominent. Newly entering the public domain in 2024 will be: – works by people who died in 1953, for countries with a copyright term of ‘life plus 70 years’ (e.g. UK, Russia, most of EU and South America); – works by [people who died in 1973, for countries with a term of ‘life plus 50 years’ (e.g. New Zealand, and most of Africa and Asia); – films and books (incl. artworks featured) published in 1928 for the United States. In our advent-style calendar below, find our top pick of what lies in store for 2024.”

It all started with a mouse: A masterclass on the public domain, fair use and trademark.”—”For the public domain, time stopped in 1998, when the Sonny Bono Copyright Act froze copyright expirations for 20 years. In 2019, time started again, with a massive crop of works from 1923 returning to the public domain, free for all to use and adapt … But while there’s been moderate excitement at the publicdomainification of “Yes, We Have No Bananas,” AA Milne’s “Now We Are Six,” and Sherlock Holmes, the main event that everyone’s anticipated arrives on January 1, 2024, when Mickey Mouse enters the public domain. … Disney loves the public domain – we just wish it would share. … Disney loves fair use – we just wish it would share. … Disney loves copyright’s limitations – we just wish it would share. … Disney’s reliance on – and sabotage of – the public domain is ironic. Jenkins compares it to “an oil company relying on solar power to run its rigs.” Come January 1, Disney will have to share.”

Hermetic Library Calendar Public Domain Day 1jan2024 Us Everywhere Online Free Mickey Mouse

Thread-“It’s nearly Public Domain Day (my favorite holiday, since the US started celebrating it again a few years back) and I’m eagerly and excitedly collecting materials which will enter the public domain in 2024 to repackage, share, remix, and otherwise defile. There’s so *good* stuff coming to the US, and it will be transformed in to even better stuff. But! this Public Domain Day is also a time for sadness (small thread)”