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Aleister Crowley gets a mention and another imagined relative in this book review

Aleister Crowley gets a mention and another imagined relative in this book review for a biography of poet Peter Redgrove at “A Lucid Dreamer: The Life of Peter Redgrove by Neil Roberts – review

“In person Peter Redgrove was physically imposing, in poetry exuberant and rhapsodic – either way not a man it was easy to mistake. Yet reviewers often treated him as a pale shadow of Ted Hughes, which wasn’t just galling but embarrassing, since he knew and admired Hughes (they’d both been at Cambridge) and didn’t want to have to resent him. Worse was to see or hear himself being called Peter Redgrave, as though one of the acting dynasty.

A sense of injury was there from childhood. Though he grew up in a seemingly comfortable middle-class home in Kingston, he felt scarred by his mother’s incestuous intimacy on one hand (she confided in him about her lovers and abortions), and his father’s overbearing bullishness on the other. Later in life, he persuaded himself that his mother’s lovers had included Aleister Crowley and that he might be Crowley’s child. He also suspected he’d been sexually abused.”

Reviewer sounds bitter and maybe needs some love

Reviewer sounds bitter and maybe needs some love at “Aleister Crowley: The Biography Review“.

“It is the belief of Tobias Churton that a perverse ‘hatred of bourgeois attitudes’ is what motivated Aleister Crowley until the very end of his days.

I’m not so sure. Crowley liked his creature comforts and his zany posturing would fit in well with upper-class dilettante life. Crowley lived off family money for as long as he could and, when the inheritance expired, tried to raise funds by suing everyone for defamation of character. Such were his delusions of grandeur one of Crowley’s aliases was Count Vladimir Svareff and, after graduating from Cambridge, he bought a castle near Loch Ness. There was also a villa in Sicily where Crowley presided over his orgies like a Victorian patriarch.”

And, check out the masthead for the Express, for a bit of synchronistic symbolism:

If you’re interested in biographies of Aleister Crowley, you may want to check out Aleister Crowley: The Biography: Spiritual Revolutionary, Romantic Explorer, Occult Master and Spy by Tobias Churton.