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The Dialogic Imagination

The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays by Mikhail Bakhtin, edited by Michael Holquist, translated by Caryl Emerson and Michael Holquist, from University of Texas Press, is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

Mikhail Bakhtin Michael Holquist Caryl Emerson The Dialogic Imagination from University of Texas Press

“Here in English translation are four selections from Voprosy literatury i estetiki (Problems of literature and esthetics), published in Moscow in 1975.

Bakhtin claims for the novel vastly larger territory than has been traditionally accepted. For him, the novel is not so much a genre as a force, ‘novelness.’ He examines the difficulty of arriving at a generic definition of the novel and attempts a classification of novelistic works based on the philosophic attitude toward time and space that each presumes. Finally, Bakhtin discusses literature and language in general, which he sees as stratified, constantly changing systems made up of subgenres, dialects, and almost infinitely fragmented ‘languages’ in battle with one another.” — back cover