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Character Analysis

Character Analysis by Wilhelm Reich, edited by Mary Boyd Higgins and Chester M Raphael, translated by Vincent R Carfagno, from The Noonday Press, is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

Wilhelm Reich Vincent Carfagno Character analysis from Noonday

“In 1933 Reich first published, in German, Charakteranalyse. A second, English, edition (1945) went further, adding the inevitable leap from depth psychology to biology predicted by Freud.

This third, enlarged edition includes all the previously published material as well as a new section expounding Reich’s later discoveries. It reveals how his study of character led to a comprehension of the biological basis of neuroses and finally to the discovery of the cosmic orgone energy. Thus, character analysis is taken out of the realm of psychology and put on the firm basis of natural science, in the form of orgone biophysics.” — back cover