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The Builders

If in the rearing of an edifice

We form one stone that makes the perfect whole;

To us ‘twould be the beau-ideal of bliss

And prove glad unction to the work-worn soul.

A Temple with proportions just and true

Can but erected be by Masons skilled,

Instructed by an Architect who knew

Exactly how to tell them what to build.

And he taught us—however small the stone—

To plumb and level by th’ unerring Square—

To make it pattern, so that all might own

‘Twas strong and beautiful beyond compare,—

With Chisel and with Gavel we have wrought

To gain “Well Done,”—The Tongue of Good Report.

— Charles F Forshaw, 1916

The Goddess of Masonry

Goddess of Purity,

Spotless and rare;

Emblem of Charity

Unsullied, fair;

Symbol of Meekness—

Radiant, bright,

‘Minding the Brethren

Of realms of Light—

Strong in the knowledge

Virtuous might.


Symbol of Chasity,

Spirit of Bliss,

Coming to cheer us,

Through the abyss,

Token of faithfulness—

Be thou our guide;

Emblem of Hopefulness—

Keep by our side:

Help us and lead us o’er

Every dark tide!

Charles F Forshaw