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Commentaries on the Holy Books and Other Papers

Randall Bowyer reviews Commentaries on the Holy Books and Other Papers: The Equinox (Equinox, Vol 4, No 1) by Aleister Crowley Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, J. F. C. Fuller, and Charles Stansfeld Jones in the Bkwyrm archive.

Such proofreading! Such artwork! Such a spiffy cover! And hey, the contents are even interesting. This number of The Equinox does for the A∴ A∴ what vol. III no. 10 did for the O.T.O., collecting in one book a variety of articles which students of the A∴ A∴ system will find very useful and informative. Even if you’re not interested in the modern manifestations of A∴ A∴ , you may enjoy the previously-unpublished material, especially Crowley’s “illuminated MS” text of Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos.

Just as The Equinox vol. III no. 10 served as an important propaganda tool in establishing the legitimacy of our “Caliphate” O.T.O., the new number supports (though not as overtly) one of the several “lineages” of A∴ A∴ . The book opens with an anonymous Praemonstrance impugning some of the competitors; while no names are mentioned, it’s fairly obvious which faces are being slapped.

The big disappointment of the book is that it ignores the old editorial plan of The Equinox. Crowley only abandoned the original mixture of occultism with literature of all sorts (and those saucy book reviews!) when he ran out of money. I was very pleased when vol. III no. 10 returned to the original recipe, and I had hoped the trend would continue.

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